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Dementia and Memory

Dementia Memory

Helps family to help out:  Reduce worry, Minimise mishaps, Call for help, Keep active knowing there's a backup, Be closer and more engaged, Enjoy life more.  See also Article "The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Loved ones"

Helping with functions like Medication, voice and video calling, Personal alarms, Falls, Doors, windows, leaks, fires, Home cameras & movement detection


Types of Products Available

Heart, Sleep and Breathing


Understand what your sleep, breathing, and heart are doing.

Share trends with your doctor or family.

Monitor to help guide exercise or give peace of mind, when concerned, recovering or being proactive around fitness.

Get alerts and notify yourself or others.

Helping with functions like heart rate, irregularities, ECG, sleep, oxygen levels, breathing, apnea,


Types of Products Available

Babies & Children

Babies & Children

Peace of mind to monitor, alert for irregularities, test, track trends and share with your Doctor. 

Monitor sleep, breathing, temperature, heart rate, movement, temperature.


Types of Products Available

Falls & Mobility

Falls & Mobility

Be proactive in detecting falls, calling for help, and staying active.

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Types of Products Available