Healthcare Monitoring Technology for Independent living

Safe & Easier at Home

 What's Possible?


What can you do?

  • Talk and be closer; drop in by video

  • Peace of mind for security
  • Detect movement (or lack off)

  • Prevent mishaps with doors, windows, smoke, or water

  • See who's at the door, open it remotely for a carer, or help with forgotten keys

  • Monitor sleep and health alerts

  • Automate or voice activate appliances

  • Maintain lights and temperature

  • Reminders, music, audiobooks and voice assistants for news or enjoyment

What kind of Products?

  • Voice and video devices & phones

  • Home hubs and smart speakers

  • Smart plugs and lights

  • Sensors & movement detection

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras

  • Smoke & CO2 alarms

  • Smart locks



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