Health Technology useful for Dementia & Alzheimer's

Memory & Independence


What can you do?

  • Talk & be closer with voice, video, seeing & hearing

  • Get reminders

  • Get help or be found

  • Monitor health

  • Be Safe & live more independently

  • Mobility - walk, talk, see or move about

  • Grow and delight - reading, music, learning, calm

What kind of Products?

  • Smartphones, video calling, voice assistants

  • Personal sos alarms, fall detection, movement detection, apps

  • Wearables, smart watches, heart monitors, sleep, seizures.

  • Cameras, smart locks, water leaks, door locks, lights, security

  • Wheelchairs, scooters, trikes, eye detection

  • Audio books, music, robotic pets, mediation, pain relief

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Talk Communication & Reminders