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ScanWatch is the first hybrid smartwatch to continuously scan vital parameters to detect heart health conditions and help improve overall fitness.



ScanWatch was developed with professionals from world-renowned institutions.

  • ELECTROCARDIOGRAM* — The watch and heart rate monitor watch detects atrial fibrillation or normal heart rhythm in just 30 seconds via ECG.
  • SLEEP TRACKING — Sleep tracker delivers a Score based on light and deep sleep cycles, sleep duration & wake-ups.
  • HEART RATE TRACKING — Track heart rate continuously during workouts to optimize training, and monitor daily and overnight heart rate to help improve health over time.
  • WRIST-BASED OXIMETRY — Provides on demand oxygen saturation level (SpO2) in just 30 seconds
  • WATERPROOF watch - waterproof watch for swimming. Water resistance up to 50m.24/7
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING — Dedicated workout metrics, Fitness Level via VO₂max estimation, connected GPS, elevation and step tracker. Great as a running watch.
  • DURABLE DESIGN — Combined heart rate and SpO2 sensor, 3 electrodes, an altimeter, a sapphire glass and a PMOLED screen featuring a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 days.
  • 30 DAY RECHARGEABLE BATTERY LIFE - Up to 30 days with normal use. +20 additional days in power reserve mode (time and activity tracking only). Charging Cable incl.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE - Smart watch with text and call. Connects effortlessly with Android &Apple iOS smartphones via free Healthmate App.CHANGEABLE WRISTBAND


Note: As a health provider affiliate member or Amazon Associate, we may earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Description

    Every second Scan Watch provides a powerful scan of your vital parameters including:

    • Heart Health Tracking
    • Respiratory Monitoring
    • Activity & Workout Tracking
    • Sleep Tracking

    This data can be captured and displayed using the Health Mate App, which is is easy to understand, personalised, and fully leverage-able by you and your doctor.

    Key differentiating features of the ScanWatch are:

    • Compatible with iOS and Android
    • 30-Day Battery Life

    Scan watch is available in two different sizes and two different colours, 38mm or 42mm and black or white. There are also a selection of different wrist straps that can be chosen when you click through on the buy link.

    Further details of vital parameters are as below:

    UCSF Hypoxia Research Laboratory

    • Pulse oximetry measurements from ScanWatch have been evaluated and validated on a group of hypoxia patients, against the gold standard which involved blood oxygen samples analysis.

     24/7 Heart Scanning - Invaluable peace of mind.

    • By proactively scanning your heart, ScanWatch monitors heartbeat and lets you know if an irregular rhythm or rate is detected (high or low).

    Respiratory Monitoring.

    • ScanWatch uses and SpO2 monitor featuring exclusive multi-wavelength technology, so you can record blood oxygen levels from your wrist in only 30 seconds.

     Track Episodes of Breathing Disturbances During Sleep

    • The Respiratory Scan feature monitors oxygen saturation, heart rate, breathing frequency and movement all night long. Our exclusive algorithm, developed with experts, computes the data to measure breathing disturbances, an indicator of sleep apnea.

    24/7 Activity Tracking.

    Track Steps

    • ScanWatch helps you know where you stand on your daily step goal at glance with the activity sub-dial right on the watch. A 3-axis accelerometer and 10 years of algorithm improvements allow you to enjoy most accurate results.

    Automatic Activity Detection

    • Take a swim, commute by bike, or go for a run—ScanWatch will automatically recognise your activity and log it in the Health Mate app. Get credit for all your moves with no button to press.

    Connected GPS

    • Map your session and enjoy distance, elevation, and path with Connected GPS

    Workout Mode

    • Easily activate workout mode right on your wrist by choosing from over 30 sports. This shows your workout duration, and logs heart rate and movement continuously. Connected GPS can be used.

    Sleep Tracking

    (i) Sleep Cycles

    • ScanWatch tracks your sleep cycles (light and deep), duration of sleep, time to be asleep and wake up as well as interruptions, and logs it in the Health Mate app so you can view your trends.

    (ii) Sleep Score

    • Our exclusive algorithm automatically scores your night based on sleep cycles, duration, regularity and interruptions.

    (iii) Smart Wake-up

    • Because ScanWatch knows if you are in a light or deep stage, it can choose the best time to wake you up according to your schedule. You simply set a wake-up time in the app, and ScanWatch will wake you with a light vibration.

    Smart Notifications

    • Stay connected to what matters: ScanWatch will vibrate and display a preview of your smartphone notifications for any app of your choice. You can also scroll through the notification preview with the digital crown.

     Unsurpassed Battery Life

    • Make low battery anxiety a thing of the past and enjoy freedom from the charger with a hybrid smartwatch that lasts up to 30 days between charges.

    ScanWatch : Up to 30 days
    FitBit Flex 2 : Up to 5 days
    Apple Watch Series 5 : Up to 18 hours

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  • Approvals & Accuracy

    Please source the latest information directly from the required regulatory body in your country, consult your doctor or health professional, and do not consider them lifesaving devices.

    General Indications

    • As at Nov 2020, Withings obtained approval from the TGA as a medical device including it’s ECG and Blood Oxygen features. (source)
    • Withings has led several clinical studies to compare ScanWatch measurements with the gold standard and assess its medical accuracy. ScanWatch has received CE medical certification in Europe and FDA clearance in the United States. (source)
    • The US National Library of Medicine clinical trial supports accuracy levels of the Oximeter feature (source)
    • "Withings has received 510(k) marketing clearance from the FDA for its ScanWatch wearable device.  The FDA clearance covers the detection of atrial fibrillation detection using a medical-grade electrocardiogram and the measurement of blood oxygen levels from the wrist. The device, which can also aid in the detection of breathing disturbances at night that can be signs of sleep apnea." (source)

  • How To Use


    To take an ECG on your Withings ScanWatch, follow these steps:

    • Make sure that your ScanWatch is up to date with the latest firmware.
    • Open the ECG app on your ScanWatch.
    • Place your two fingers on the two sensors on the side of your watch.
    • Hold your fingers in place for 30 seconds.
    • Your ECG will be recorded and saved to your watch.
    • You can view your ECG in the ECG app on your watch or in the Health Mate app on your phone.


    To take an SpO2 reading on your Withings ScanWatch, follow these steps:

    • Make sure that your ScanWatch is up to date with the latest firmware.
    • Open the SpO2 app on your ScanWatch.
    • Place your two fingers on the two sensors on the side of your watch.
    • Hold your fingers in place for 10 seconds.
    • Your SpO2 reading will be displayed on your watch.
    • You can view your SpO2 readings in the SpO2 app on your watch or in the Health Mate app on your phone.

    It is important to note that the ECG and SpO2 features on the Withings ScanWatch are not medical devices. They are intended for general health and fitness tracking only. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult a doctor.


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