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Wellue® Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Wellue® Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This product may help you stay well by better understanding your heart, preventing or predicting health challenges, and being able to share results with your health professional.




With Wellue Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, manage your blood pressure by yourself wherever you are with this portable monitor.


  • Measure the systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and pulse; indicates irregular heartbeat.
  • Lightweight design with a portable carry bag.
  • Large LCD screen clearly shows measurement results; Easy-to-read extra-large readings; an indicator shows your health status.
  • Wide range BP cuff, fits small, standard, and large adult upper arms.
  • One-button operation, fully automatic measurement.


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    Medically Accurate, FDA approved; Oscillometric method

    Multiple Data - Monitors systolic pressure, diastolic pressure & pulse rate

    Portable - Lightweight design; Compact carry bag

    Memory Storage - Stores up to 199 readings on one device

    Easy to Use - One-button operation; Fully automatic measurement in around 30 seconds

    Easy to Read, Large LCD screen; Extra-large readings; An indicator shows your health statue

    Irregular Heartbeat Indicator - If the irregular heartbeat is detected, a symbol will display

    Soft Wide-range Cuff - The adjustable cuff is suitable for upper-arm circumference 22-42cm

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