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Google Nest - Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

Google Nest - Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector


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Part of a range of smart home products that work with Google Nest (& previously Google Home) Hubs.

A selection of these devices can help to provide independence, comfort, and safety at home, by turning almost any device into one you can operate, check, set, alert, or control by voice. Either by doing this yourself or via those who help you.

Nest Protect is the smoke alarm that thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone. This smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector has a Split-Spectrum Sensor to detect fast-burning and smoldering fires, tests its own batteries and lasts up to 10 years.


It sends phone alerts when something’s wrong. You can hush the alarm from your phone with App Silence. Also, it tells you when the batteries are running low, so there are no chirps at 2 AM!


Thinks, speaks and alerts your phone.

  • There’s never been a smoke and CO alarm quite like this. Nest Protect looks for fast-burning fires, smoldering fires, and carbon monoxide. It speaks up when there’s a problem and can send a message to your phone if you’re not at home. And it helps keep you safe and sound for up to a decade.

Speaks up to tell you what’s wrong.

  • When there’s smoke or CO in your home, Nest Protect speaks in a friendly, human voice to give you an early warning and tell you where the danger is.

SmartPhone Alerts.

  • Nest Protect can send you a message when there’s a problem or if the batteries are running low.
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  • Description

    • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that speaks up in a friendly voice to give you an early warning when there's smoke or CO in your home
    • Split Spectrum Sensor looks for both fast burning and smoldering, and tells you where the danger is
    • Get phone alerts so you know something's wrong even when you're away from home
    • CO detector looks out for carbon monoxide and tells you where it's located
    • With App Silence you can silence the smoke alarm with your phone in the Nest app when there's only a little smoke
    • No chirps to tell you the battery is low; Nest Protect tests its own batteries and gives you a Nightly Promise when you turn off the lights so you know everything is working
    • A Light in the Dark: Usually Nest Protect has its light turned off but when you walk underneath it Pathlight can light your way.
    • The Nest smoke and carbon monoxide alarm has sensors with a 10-year lifespan to help keep your family safe for up to a decade
    • With Safety Check you can test all your smoke and CO alarms with just a tap and get a full report once the test is done
    • Know from anywhere. Connect Nest Protect to Wi-Fi and it will send an alert to your phone if the alarm goes off or the batteries run low.
    • Tells you what and where. It speaks up to tell you if there’s smoke or CO and where the problem is, so you know what to do. Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
    • App Silence. Nest Protect is the first alarm you can hush from your phone. Simply walk to the Nest Protect that noticed the problem and open the Nest app.
    • Split-Spectrum Sensor. In an emergency, seconds count. Nest Protect uses two wavelengths of light to look for both fast and slow burning fires.
    • Heads-Up. Get a friendly voice alert so you can handle burning toast before it becomes a burning toaster.10-year carbon monoxide sensor. Carbon monoxide is odorless, invisible and deadly. When there’s CO, Nest Protect tells you where it’s hiding.
  • How To Use

    Here are the instructions on how to set up your Nest Protect:

    • Download the Nest app. The Nest app is available for Android and iOS devices.
    • Create a Nest account. If you don't already have a Nest account, you can create one for free.
    • Open the Nest app. Sign in to your Nest account in the Nest app.
    • Add a device. Tap the + icon in the top left corner of the Nest app. Then, tap Set up device.
    • Select Nest Protect. Select Nest Protect from the list of devices.
    • Follow the instructions. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup process.

    Once your Nest Protect is set up, you can start using it to detect fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

    Here are some additional tips for setting up your Nest Protect:

    • Place your Nest Protect on the ceiling. The Nest Protect is designed to be placed on the ceiling. This is the best location for it to detect fires and carbon monoxide leaks.
    • Connect your Nest Protect to Wi-Fi. The Nest Protect needs to be connected to Wi-Fi in order to work.


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