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Wellue Smart Blood Pressure Monitor (BP + ECG)

Wellue Smart Blood Pressure Monitor (BP + ECG)


A smart portable health monitor that lets you measure blood pressure (systolic pressure & diastolic pressure) & take an EKG anytime, anywhere.




  • Small in size, light in weight, easy to use & carry around.
  • Built-in memory for 60 sets of readings.
  • Real-time data able to be effectively sent to App installed on mobile devices via Bluetooth where history stats can also be stored & reviewed.
  • Automatic power off.


Portable and Instant

Wellue® Smart Blood Pressure Monitor with EKG is a portable device featuring one-piece design. It can provide accurate and instant blood pressure measurements anytime, anywhere you want.

Track Your Heart Health Better with EKG Measurements
The BP machine can not only check your blood pressure but also give reliable EKG readings, helping you paint a comprehensive picture of your heart health. By holding the gadget with your hands on its both sides, you can have the EKG results within 30 seconds.


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