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helloEd Affiliate Disclosure

Our Promise is, that we will always put our Community first.  See also Our Privacy Statement.

We want the Community to be a place you always come back to, and that grows with you.  We'll never share your data. We don't display 3rd party advertising. We don't offer any products of our own. We'll continually update the products and content, seek out all that's new and emerging, listen to feedback and requests, and provide help.

The Products that appear on helloEd, are listed based on our independent, intelligent selection process and algorithm including reviews and research.   At the time we select products to list on helloEd, there's no incentive from them.  Following selection, if the provider has an Affiliate program, we may sign up and accept a referral fee from them (paid if you proceed to buy the product, not for clicking to review it), thereby not altering the price to the consumer, nor do helloEd charge the consumer a fee. 

In every case we are aware of, helloEd will bring you multiple product choices, from competing vendors, including the majority for which we do not receive any referral fee. We give you a range of buying options so you can choose the best and most competitive price, and invite you to proceed to buy independently, wherever you choose.   Wherever we do receive a referral fee, we indicate this to you beside the product referral 'buy' link, and it is paid only if you proceed to purchase from the provider.

One reason we also refer to Amazon for products, is the ability to access the latest prices, give you choice in buying options, and the ability to detect your region, ship and deliver to our global community in the most efficient way for you.

We'd appreciate it if you do use this link, as it offers you the latest and most updated or discounted product prices, and this will keep the helloEd service growing without the consumer paying. Please also check your insurance and health providers for rebates or relief. 

The wording on our products where we may receive a commission if you purchase through helloEd.

"Heads up: We have affiliate links on some products. If you use this link to browse, you won’t pay a cent more, and you will have all the same price and search options, but we may receive a referral fee should you buy on the retailer’s site. We’ve chosen the links with your options in mind, ie. sourced by the source or authorized reseller, global shipping, returns, and price choices. We are 100% independent with our recommendations. See our website page “What We Do” for how we choose. Over time, based on feedback from our Community if it helps, we may add options to bundle, setup, deliver, or rent."

As helloEd grows, we have a vision to employ and partner with those who are customers of helloEd - including those with health challenges, their carers and researchers.  We've already begun this journey.
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