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Apps -Sleep Check for Sleep Apnea

Apps -Sleep Check for Sleep Apnea

This product may help you to stay better understand your health and body, and to prevent or predict incidents. 


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Please see your doctor to, determine the most efficient course of action and testing for sleep apnea.


If you snore, suffer from tiredness or sleeping problems, you might have sleep apnoea. If you do, there’s treatment available, so the sooner you get a diagnosis, the better.
SleepCheck is a cost-effective in-home check that will tell you if you’re at risk.


  • Description

    SleepCheck is a clinically accurate, hassle-free sleep apnoea (also spelled sleep apnea) screening test that checks your breathing and snore sounds during sleep.

    Usually, sleep apnoea tests involve an overnight sleep study with a large number of sensors connected to your body.

    With SleepCheck you can assess the risk of sleep apnoea in the comfort of your own bed. It will tell you if you need to talk to your doctor about a diagnostic sleep test.

    * Why should I take the SleepCheck test?
    Sleep apnoea is a serious medical condition that can have a major impact on your life. Sleep apnoea is when air stops flowing to your lungs for ten seconds or longer during sleep. In some cases, this can happen more than 30 times per hour all night. This causes daytime tiredness, reduced productivity and an impaired immune system, and has been linked to serious complications such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

    Sleep apnoea affects more than three in every ten men, and nearly two in ten women. Studies have shown that 80% of people with sleep apnoea are undiagnosed.

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