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Jiobit Next (USA only)

Jiobit Next (USA only)


Protection and notifications no matter the distance. The award-winning Jiobit Location Monitor keeps you connected to what matters most.



Suitable versions for Children, Adults & Seniors

Multiple connection methods
Jiobit's patented Progressive Beaconing technology uses a combination GPS, Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to ensure the device is always connected.

Up to 20 day battery life
Jiobit’s battery learns and adapts as it follows patterns and location history. The more Trusted Places and Care Team members the Jiobit interacts with, the longer it lasts. Under typical use, the Jiobit can last a full week between charges, with up to 20 days for pet users.

Versatile wearing options
Jiobit’s modular design allows for multiple wearing options with a focus on discretion and secure attachment. Additional accessories and attachment options available.



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  • Description

    Check on them at any time.
    Know exactly where your loved ones are--and who they're with--no matter the distance.

    Real-time tracking at any distance
    Get real-time alerts about their location no matter where they are or how far they are.

    Custom geofencing and smart alerts
    Set up Trusted Places like home or school so you’re alerted when they leave and arrive.

    See their detailed location history
    Perfect for keeping tabs on a pet, a parent, and a kid with a full after-school schedule.

    • Stay connected while getting long-lasting battery life.
    • Receive smart notifications based on location
    • Check in when needed with access to live tracking.
    • Security you can trust with Government-level encryption at every touchpoint

    Better coverage. Inside and outdoors.
    Compared to existing cell technology used in phones, the network Jiobit Next is built on, will reach more people in more places--including spots that used to be dead-zones or low-signal areas.

    Plus, with an all-new custom-built antenna, Jiobit Next delivers the best performance in its class in buildings. That means you get more precision in schools, stores, high-rises, malls, and other environments where walls would block signal.

    A battery that lasts all day. Day after day after day.
    Jiobit Next improves average battery life by up to 50% compared to the award-winning first generation. Most users can expect up to 7-10 days between charges with consistent daily usage, while pet owners can expect 10-20 days under typical use.

    How? Because of our new low-power electronics and enhanced Progressive Beaconing algorithms. Jiobit Next’s new GPS system allows for exceptionally low-power active tracking, faster location fix times, and more durable satellite tracking data to preserve battery power.

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