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Improved communications
Safer, faster to be found
Develop independence
Staying healthy & being peaceful
Support for Learning
Bringing out talents

Help like

Monitoring health
Developing speech & communication (AAC)
Location tracking for independence (eg bus to school)
Developing routines and following schedules & rewards
Apps for learning & having fun


Features like

AAC & Exercises for speech
Assistive technology, tablets & apps
Notifications & Alerts
Monitoring health, medication & detecting seizures
Emergency info management including ASD needs
Mental health & mindfulness

Top Products

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Assistance with communication may include the ability to more easily engage with phones and devices, exercises for speech, or communication via a computer or tablet such as an ACC communication speech-generating device.

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Help & Being Found

To ensure safety and peace of mind, and empower independence, tracking devices may be worn, held, carried, or embedded in clothing. The best choice will depend on what each individual tolerates wearing, taking into account personal factors like sensitivities, age, and preferences.

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Learn, Play & Work

The fit and value of these products will vary greatly according to the wide range of an individual's specific support needs. Products that assist with work, learning, and play include apps, computers, tablets, home hubs, smart speakers, cases, and educational toys.  Autism-specific technology products may also help with daily planning and schedules, music, and movement.

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Healthy & Calm

At times individuals may have accompanying health or medication needs such as seizures, epilepsy, sleep, movement, anxiety and stress. Technology-based products may assist with health monitoring, alerts and medication reminders.  Capturing data may help to understand trends that bring new insights to treatment.

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