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Find ways to bring out the talents of those on the Autism spectrum and manage their specific needs. 


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Get help with..

  • Assistance with speaking/Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

  • Being safe, getting help, and able to be found

  • Navigating and operating screens

  • Developing schedules, routines, and rewards

  • A range of apps, from learning and empathizing

  • Music and entertainment

  • Smartphones, video calling, voice assistants

  • Personal sos alarms, fall detection

  • Health monitors for heart, sleep, seizures, blood sugar

  • Cameras, door locks, lights, security, movement 

  • Wheelchairs, scooters, trikes

  • Audiobooks, music, robotic pets, mediation

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Assistance with communication may include the ability to more easily engage with phones and devices, communicate via video, tracking of eye movement to allow speaking or communication on a computer or tablet or use of an ACC communication speech-generating device.