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PDCare Laser Light Therapy

PDCare Laser Light Therapy

This product may assist with reducing symptoms of Parkinson's and Fibromyalgia, with benefits to general health, movement, pain, and reducing stress.




PDCare is a hand-held, super-pulsed, medical grade, low level laser device of 904 nanometers.


SYMBYX Laser Therapy

Finally, a non-invasive and natural way to:

  • increase dopamine & serotonin levels
  • reduce gut inflammation
  • manage chronic pain

Our painless, easy-to-use SYMBYX lasers are CE marked and ARTG listed. Conforms with health, safety and environmental standards. Backed by a 2-year, world-wide manufacturer warranty.


Using a carefully tailored treatment protocol, PDCare is indicated for reducing symptoms associated with Parkinson's and Fibromyalgia. Simple large on/off button for ease-of-use. Designed specifically for home use to ensure maximum flexibility and convenience. Fully portable. Battery powered. CE marked and ARTG-listed.


  • Reduces Parkinson's symptoms.
  • Reduces Fibromyalgia symptoms.

See Research Articles in BMC Neurology, or Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery (PPL) 

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