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LiveLife Personal SOS Alarm (Australia)

LiveLife Personal SOS Alarm (Australia)

This product may help you stay independent for longer, with benefits to you, families, or carers.


Be independent, with a backup plan to detect a fall or call for help. Features SOS alarm sends GPS location & starts calling up to 5 people (can call 000).


For more information, or to buy, CLICK HERE 

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    Automatic fall detection with speakerphone & microphone in pendant. Showerproof. Scored highest in 2017, 2018 & 2019 CHOICE tests. No monthly monitoring fees.

    Telstra mobile network Messages show the wearers location on Google Maps accurate to within 2 metres. Unlimited emergency voice calls & texts. Customised software – no false alarms.

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    For more information, or to buy, CLICK HERE

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