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Cue by Charco Nanotech (Not yet on market)

Cue by Charco Nanotech (Not yet on market)

This product may assist with the symptoms of Parkinson's, with benefits to mobility, independence, and reducing stress.   This product has not completed trials and is not yet available.




CUE[1], a non-invasive wearable device for Parkinson’s, utilizes pulsed cueing and focused vibrotactile stimulation to reduce symptoms of slowness and stiffness resulting in improved movement.


CUE1 works by delivering gentle vibratory stimulus to the peripheral nervous system, producing a characteristic cortical response that eases the typical stiffness and slowness symptoms associated with Parkinson’s.

Users of CUE [1] For Parkinson’s report feeling that movement is better controlled and they can move smoother, easier and faster whilst wearing the device.

CUE1 is a small non-invasive device that is worn on the body to administer specialized vibratory stimulation to relieve the movement symptoms of Parkinson’s. It can also be used in conjunction with our app to set medication alerts, customize the stimulation, and further track your symptoms through fun games.

Main Features of CUE1:

  • Completely non-invasive device for people with Parkinson's
  • Makes movement smoother and faster
  • Discrete, reliable medication alerts
  • Easy to use; controlled with one large, tactile button
  • Rechargeable battery provides 7hrs continuous vibration
  • Synchronised application includes simple and useful symptom tracking

The exact effect of CUE1 stimulation may vary depending on where it is placed, when it is used, and from person to person. It combines the principles of Focussed Vibrotactile Stimulation and Cueing, which have been shown throughout scientific literature to improve motor performance and help with freezing respectively.

Our user testers have reported a wide range of benefits including:

  • Smoother walking and movement
  • Regaining the ability to dance
  • Helping fine motor tasks


During our initial user trials, we found our user’s movement improved by an average of 16%, with every participant feeling some improvement, additive to that of their medication.

We have also had reports that the stimulation has a relaxing or reassuring effect, and some have requested to use the device to help with stressful situations like public speaking

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