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Philips Hue Smart Wireless Motion Sensor

Philips Hue Smart Wireless Motion Sensor

This product may assist with independence and safety including security. preventing falls and wellbeing.




Light up a room simply by walking in and control the intensity by the time of day, such as a gentle, warm nightlight to help you navigate your home at night.  Simply walk by to trigger your lights. Ideal for use in hallways, stairways and middle of the night wake ups.

Battery-powered, wireless, and installation free, this Hue Motion Sensor requires the Hue Bridge (sold separately) to work, connecting to your Hue system with control via the Philips Hue App

Place it anywhere in your home including your hallway, bathroom, kitchen, and more The integrated light sensor saves energy by detecting when rooms are vacant and automatically turning off lights


Make your Philips Hue experience even easier. Add a motion sensor to your Hue system and control your lights automatically.

Battery-powered and completely wireless, place the Hue motion sensor anywhere in your home.

Program lights to come on and off when activated. A great accessory for your Philips Hue Ecosystem.

An equivalent product for outdoor use is also available, to act as a security deterrent etc - See separate listing


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