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FS20C Finger Pulse Oximeter

FS20C Finger Pulse Oximeter

This product can assist with monitoring health, predicting and sharing with specialists. 




Check SpO2 & PR Conveniently & Accurately. Warnings Are Prompted On Screen If Abnormal Blood Oxygen Levels Or Pulse Rate Detected


The Finger Pulse Oximeter measures oxygen saturation in blood & pulse rate, displaying precise parameters with figures, pulse bar & waveform. 


 Suitable for almost any age from children (>20kg)to adults, the compact device can provide reliable readings seconds after a finger is inserted.


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    Be proactive about your health, predict and prevent problems or share with your health professional.

    Check your SpO2 & PR anywhere, anytime. Ideal for convenient use, the gadget features one-button operation and OLED display.

    Put your finger in and get clinically accurate results real soon.

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