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Smart Plugs with Bluetooth

Smart Plugs with Bluetooth

This product may assist with making life easier and more convenient at home with benefits to you and your family.


Smart plugs provide assistance to manage lights and appliances, by means such as remotely from out of the home (eg family), automatically (for example ensuring before evening, lights or appliances come on automatically), or by someone within the home not able to reach a device (for example operated by their phone or voice command such as Google Assistant smart speaker or Alexa command).


Here we have included the best general smart plugs, which you will be redirected to depending on your region.


* Works With Voice:
Control the smart plug with Alexa, or Apple HomeKit to use voice commands

* Smart Fitting:
Designed to limit space, allowing other outlet sockets available to be used.

* Set Timers & Schedules:
With the  app, you can set times to turn on/off the appliance, from before you wake up to bedtime.


This product works out of the box with the free ; Simply plug in any non-connected light to your new smart plug and connect to the Bluetooth app for in room control.





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    Get Started In No Time: With no complex installation required you can start controlling non-connected Lights straight out of the box; Discover the easiest way to control your smart lights

    Turn non-smart Lights smart: Turn non-connected plug-in Lights smart with the Philips Hue smart plug; Expand your Hue ecosystem and start controlling non-connected products with your voice or smart device

    Control Smart Plug With Your Voice: Works with all Echo smart speakers or displays and Google Nest devices for hands-free voice control (Philips Hue Bridge (sold separately) is required for Echo 1st Gen and Echo Dot 1st Gen)

    Unlock your homes full potential: Add a Philips Hue bridge (sold separately) to your cart and unlock full home control, either when you’re home or away.

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