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The Why

We believe it's time the world thought differently about what we're capable of at any age or health situation. Combining care, empathy, and the world's health-related technology, extraordinary things become possible.

Our vision, is that people have a place to go to feel relieved and informed about what technology products exist that will help them. Choosing what they are ready for, engaging those closest for support, they will feel empowered to pursue their goals and passions, be independent, well, and go on to be the ones to inspire us.

Throughout our site, you can see what we do, watch  a video, view our products and collections, and contact us.

FAQ's and other key messages

We highly value our customers and partners
Our Customers, Community, and Partnerships with Technology providers and Health Professionals - is everything. We serve and learn from our customers, we work closely with Technology providers to help valuable products be discovered.
We're transparent and responsive, and we'll never stop striving for better outcomes for those with health and lifestyle goals and challenges.
How do we select Technology Products and ensure quality?
helloEd uses a combination of experience, intelligent technology, and quality processes to choose what products to make discoverable for our Community.  This includes a range of keywords like smartphones, wearables, smart home, health monitoring, assistive technology; and a range of categories like communication, reminders, falls, health monitoring, home and a range of conditions like diabetes, seizures, Parkinson's, sleep, stress, 

We also consider brands, reviews, product range depth, sales channels, research or trials, regions available or, where products are new or breakthrough, the founders, investors, media announcements, and technology approach.  For a percentage of products, we purchase and test ourselves, with no assistance from, or incentive by, the providers.  We are continually searching, checking for broken links, being alerted to announcements, research, and our own instincts about what else.
What can we offer our Partners?
We are open to working together with Technology providers and Partners in a range of ways, so long as it benefits our Community and has their best interests at heart. Let's know if you'd like to hear our ideas or offer yours.

We can help you capture Customers who may not have known your product existed, or may not have considered the health or lifestyle related-use cases we highlight.  eg. voice assistants for dementia, stress, and calming devices for carers and patients; sharing sleep and heart tracking with medical professionals for better diagnosis during consultations.
We will be responsive, and can be contacted by mail,, If you would like a product updated or removed, we will respond in 24hrs from receiving the request. 
We're new, and we have an ambitious and long-term growth plan and roadmap across the market and globally. 
We're committed to helping people get back to doing what they love and to discover what technology exists to help.  
We're a registered company, helloed Pty Ltd, A.C.N. 639 878 532, with registered domains and  We comply with all required privacy,  GDPR, and security requirements to keep our customers safe.

Getting help

What can I do now?

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