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For Health & Care Providers

Quickly understand the world's health-related technologies and be the leader patients, clients, and their families look up to because you help them be safe, well and empowered via technology between visits.

We understand..

You're at the top of your field in providing health, medical, or home care for your patients and clients.

You know consumer health technology is growing and necessary, but it's hard to keep track of it, find it, and know what's good or how to get outcomes.

You and your team don't have a lot of time, to read or to talk about health technology with your patients and their families.


You might feel a lot of times patients will go home with concerns or worries you can't otherwise help them with. eg fever, dementia

You might be reticent to recommend products that may fail or present a risk to to your patients, clients or brand..

We help you..

Keep up to date with the latest health-related technology for your patients or clients, and profession.

You will quickly feel informed and confident to decide what is the most beneficial for your patients and your work. 

Help patients and their families to be empowered with choices to get better health outcomes.

Many times patients will leave you with concerns about conditions you've diagnosed or treated, but can't help much with at home.  Let them know there's more available they can browse and consider.

Save time & be both human and efficient with your patient consults and your own schedule.  

We do the work for you by continuously tracking what's possible, and what's good, keeping it up to date, helping with how to use it, and making it easy to refer the source to your patients in their own time.

Be ready with future options to grow your interests, business or career, and talent.

Engaging with helloEd enables you to see what's happening with minimal effort and risk, pursue new strategies and business models and combine your health expertise with a growing field of health tech.

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How this helps patients and brings better outcomes

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1. Patients with complex conditions

Dementia, Parkinson's, Autism, Stroke, Aging, or Living Alone.

You'll see people at the most pivotable and vulnerable moments of their lives.  With complex conditions, there will be questions and concerns about many aspects of their condition that are core to, yet occur outside of your consult.
  • Stay safe and be independent at home
  • Help families to help out
  • Monitor and prevent health incidents
  • Get help when it's needed, reducing the negative impacts of not being found earlier
  • Securely let home help and carers visit
  • Improve movement, fitness, and strength
  • Reduce anxiety, and isolation and improve the mental health of patients and families 

2. Preventing, monitoring & managing specific health conditions

Heart, Sleep, Respiratory, Diabetes, Stress including after being discharged.

Home is where we keep well and prevent conditions, become aware of and track symptoms, manage conditions, and experience incidents. 
  • Help patients monitor their health
  • Be educated and self-aware about relevant signs
  • Share with their health professional during a visit
  • Get notifications and alerts and share those with family if needed
  • Gain the confidence to get back to doing what they love knowing there's data to support their decisions

3. Peace of mind for general & family health

Fever, Throat, Ears, Blood Pressure, Sleeping, Breathing

Families have always been at the heart of what's most important, and sometimes we're not sure 'if it's something' or not. Especially during COVID.
  • Help patients get more specific insights
  • Be able to notice earlier trends and share them with their health professional
  • Develop their own understanding about events, triggers or symptoms that might be happening

4. Loneliness, Isolation & Mental Health

Bringing families closer remotely, for stress, calm, sleep, relaxation and connecting with others.