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PD Warrior - Online Parkinson's Rehabilitation Program

PD Warrior - Online Parkinson's Rehabilitation Program

This service is delivered online and may assist in benefits to strength, movement, and fitness for those with Parkinson's.


For more information, or to join, CLICK HERE


When you choose to undertake "PD Warrior’s" 10 Week Challenge you’re choosing the leading exercise rehabilitation program for Parkinson’s.

Designed by renowned neuro physiotherapist, Melissa McConaghy, the 10 Week Challenge is tailored to suit the individual needs of participants. This rehab program you will make you move, stretch and sweat, but most of all you will feel good.


Why the 10 Week Challenge Works
The 10 Week Challenge has been designed from the latest science and successfully completed by thousands of people over the years, offering you the chance of slowing your symptom progression down. Even if you’re a fit person who exercises regularly you will still benefit from the PD Warrior way of exercise because is specific to Parkinson’s, your symptoms and your response to exercise.

Done right, the 10 Week Challenge will help you move, look, and feel than ever and ultimately help you to live better with Parkinson’s.

For those looking for additional support or motivation, PD Warrior offers a range of rehab packages including personalized coaching.

Or if you’re not ready to get physical right now PD Warrior also runs a thriving online community that offers a range of support material and short format exercise content to keep you motivated and update on all things related to Parkinson’s.


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