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Top 6 Health Tech Products

Nobody wants 'technology'. We want to be healthy, have choices, and feel like we can change course for the better.

Always consult your doctor or health professional.  See also How we Chose, How to Get Outcomes.

Apple Watch

Why we like this type of product..

A wearable device, with the ability to continuously collect, store and interpret a range of health factors that: - Motivate general fitness and performance (eg activity, mindfulness) - Manage or monitor a specific concern (such as heart, or falls) - Give holistic insights into emerging or complex conditions or disabilities (eg. sleep, heart rate, gait, breathing, blood oxygen) ​Suitable for teenagers, adults, and seniors - these products are being used for fitness, safety, tracking, and medication reminders for preventative health and fitness, and conditions through to dementia and chronic disease.

Why this one?

  • One of the most powerful consumer devices ever made.   

  • A comprehensive set of health and related features such as reminders, fall detection, location tracking, and calling.  

  • Advanced, medical-grade sensors

  • Apple Health App collates your health picture for easier understanding and sharing with others like your Doctor.

  • Specialist 3rd party apps are available for heart (eg Cardiogram) and Seizures (eg Smart Monitor or SeizAlarm).

  • Notifications and alerts

  • Well supported with tips, guides, support, and in-store

See key health features and how to test.

Wellue Oxygen Ring

Why we like this type of product..

This product is worn overnight, continuously monitoring, sleep, breathing, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. Low blood oxygen levels can be responsible for fatigue, headaches, confusion, and a range of other symptoms, as the body's blood (hypoxemia) or tissues (hypoxia) are deprived of oxygen.

Why this one?

This O2 Ring is 

  • Comfortable to wear for overnight monitoring

  • Offers a silent alarm to vibrate and wake you if your levels drop below a healthy range.

  • FDA-approved (USA authority)

  • Measures can be read on the device, or synchronised wirelessly to your phone app

  • Graphs and trends can be easily shared with your family or doctor via PDF or CSV file options. 

Variations of the Wellue device include a child size, wrist, and real-time remote monitoring eg if you're worried about a parent during illness, recent hospital discharge, or living/working away.


This device measures indicative levels only and should not be considered a lifesaving device. Always consult your doctor and follow the advice given.  See other options.

Fingertip Pulse Oxygen Monitor

Why we like this type of product..

Pulse Oxygen monitors are frequently used in assessing general health and have been the primary in-home device during telehealth and covid. They are helpful for assessing blood oxygen levels for any reason, such as respiratory concerns, general health and recovery, and through to athletes for sports activities.  Note: The difference between this and the above device, is that this one is used for oxygen levels as an underlying health indicator, and the above is designed to be worn while sleeping for insights into apnea etc.

Why this one?

Highly rated by tens of thousands of customers, the Zacurate Fingertip Pulse Oximeter determines your blood oxygen saturation levels (Sp02) in 10 seconds and displays it on the digital display. 

Features include an adjustable finger chamber to fit a range of finger sizes (from children 12 years+), has a silicon cover, a lanyard and holds AAA batteries.  This device is a medical grade manufactured to FDA standards 'for sports and aviation devices'.

AliveCor Kardia Mobile

Why we like this type of product..

For those with a heart concern, this may assist with capturing measures that help with insight, trends to see or share, and peace of mind.

Why this one?

The product gives clinically validated EKG results and helps to detect irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias) such as AFib, Bradycardia, and Tachycardia. The results are easy to read and share. 

A highly rated, and reviewed product, carried or attached to the back of your mobile phone, this product is created by Cardiologists, FDA approved, and loved by customers.  The latest product model comes as a credit card size, easily stored in your wallet. 

While KardiaMobile can help detect your heart rate and related irregularities, it cannot detect a heart attack. It’s also not compatible for use with implantable cardioverter defibrillators or pacemakers.

No Touch Thermo-meter

Why we like this type of product..

This product is a comforting choice to have around for general health, helping individuals, parents, families, health professionals, or carers to gain insight for better care or decision making.

Why this one?

Withings has high clinical accuracy, it supports storing for up to 8 users, and the measurements are synchronised automatically to your phone. In the app, against the temperature, you can also enter symptoms, comments, medications, and photos against the profile.

Thermo measures from the temporal artery considered an ideal place to detect temperature changes, as the blood that circulates there comes from the core of the body. It uses 16 infrared sensors.

A simple scan across the forehead requires no contact with the skin, therefore both hygenic and with less likelihood to wake someone if testing while they sleep.  Battery: 2x AAA, comes inserted.

Wireless Blood Pressure + EKG

Why we like this type of product..

For those with heart conditions or concerns where your doctor has suggested regular testing, this product type has a range of benefits.

Why this one?

 Highly portable and without wires or cables, it takes blood pressure via an upper arm cuff, and can take an EKG by pressing your palms together with your hand flat on each end.

The product stores 60 readings, uses bluetooth to connect to a device when one is (next) available, and makes sharing easy via PDF report.  The device is approved and has FDA clearance.  The product is not a substitute for medical advice, should not be considered a lifesaving device, and can not detect a heart attack.  See a video.

How we Chose

TopHealth - How we chose

These products have been selected as a subset from our larger product scans, covering hundreds of sources and providers.  See what we do for the 10+ factors we assess.

We've selected these for this list, based on the additional relevance of:

  • Relevant for widespread needs ('most people would benefit from knowing..)

  • The data captured underpins general good health eg heart, oxygen

  • Highly reviewed and rated

  • Mainstream compatibility (eg. ios, Android, Bluetooth)

  • Clinical trials or regulatory approvals (not approved in all markets)

  • Quality of product design and/or multiple functions for value

These should not be considered lifesaving devices.  Do your own research, follow the advice of your doctor, and read product features and instructions carefully before purchasing.

Note: Why do we sometimes choose to link to Amazon? Our scans use the product providers' material directly, however, Amazon is valuable for the largest base of customer reviews, the latest dynamic (lowest pricing), and ease of delivery and shipping across our global community.

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