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StrivePD Parkinson's [APP - FDA Cleared}

StrivePD Parkinson's [APP - FDA Cleared}



"StrivePD is the next generation of Parkinson's care."


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Automatically record your symptoms
The Apple Watch automatically captures symptoms like tremors and dyskinesia. Meanwhile, you can track your medications, activities, and side effects on the StrivePD mobile app.

Supporting you manage your conditions
Learn from patterns in your behaviors and gain visibility into your symptoms. You can also schedule medication reminders on the StrivePD mobile app.

Provide more insightful info to your neurologist
Help your care team understand your specific experience using the info collected from your Apple Watch and StrivePD app. Your neurologist gets full visibility into your symptoms so they can better understand your experience.

Improve your neurologist office visits
StrivePD makes communication with your care team during office visits more streamlined. It reduces your burden by remembering the ups and downs of your Parkinson’s experience.

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    For Clinicians

    Get access to valuable brain data
    Our goal is to provide you with a window into your patients’ lifestyle, symptoms, and brain activity outside the clinic. Our clinician dashboard synthesizes data from the StrivePD app, the Apple Watch, and DBS devices so you and your team can better understand and support your patients. If you are interested to know more about the capability of our clinician dashboard, please email

    The FDA has cleared a technology that allows Parkinson's patients to be remotely monitored via their Apple Watches.

    The government agency gave 510(k) clearance for the StrivePD software from neurology data startup Rune Labs. The software collects symptom data through the Apple Watch for care management and to design clinical trials for Parkinson's disease.

    The technology helped StrivePD mobile app creator Aura Oslapas track the fluctuation of her motor symptoms and led to her getting a deep brain stimulation device to treat her Parkinson's, she said in a June 13 Rune Labs news release.

    "As we have seen in oncology, the introduction of large quantities of real-world data has the power to transform drug development and fundamentally change disease prognosis," stated Rune Labs CEO and founder Brian Pepin. "This clearance is a major step toward building a similar paradigm in neurology."

    StrivePD collects data from Apple's Movement Disorder Application Programming Interface, which measures and records the types of tremors and involuntary muscle movements that affect Parkinson's patients.

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