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SNUZA PICO Wearable Smart Baby Monitor

SNUZA PICO Wearable Smart Baby Monitor

This product may assist with monitoring or preventing health incidents, with benefits to babies and parents.


Baby wearable monitor detecting when movement stops by vibrating to remind the body to move, or sounding an alarm.




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    Peace of mind from knowing your baby’s health real time, rousing them and alerting you. Snuza® PICO is a next generation wearable Smart Baby Monitor, which vibrates after 15 seconds of no movement in an effort to rouse your baby to resume abdominal movement.

    This is then followed by a loud alarm if a further 5 seconds passes with no abdominal movement. The Snuza® Pico app allows for real-time view of all the parameters being measured – Abdominal Movement Rate, Skin Temperature, Body Position and even Fall Detection if your baby takes a tumble! Key Features:

    Alarm after 20 seconds of no movement No cords, wires, pads or expternal power Vibration Stimulus Clips onto Nappy / Diaper

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