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Bundled Experiences

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A new, personalized service that focuses on what you'd like help to be able to do. Always consult your doctor, allied health professional, and family for what's best for you, and take their advice. 

1. What are you hoping for?
  • The best outcomes come from understanding what you're striving for. Do you want to be independent at home? Remember medication? Closer to friends?  Monitor heart health? 

  • Here we get to know:

    • your goals

    • who's around you

    • special needs

    • what you like

  • Talk to your doctor, medical or allied health professionals, and to your family or network, about what could be good to know or help with. Always take their advice.​

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2. Decide on a bundle..
  • Select a bundle or allow us to propose some choices.

  • Always check with your doctor, allied health professional and family. These should not be considered lifesaving devices.

  • If you like the bundle, go ahead and try or ask for an option to rent coming soon.

3. Get Setup & Start your new routines
  • We'll send your bundle, together with setup notes and a guide to help you get the most out of your experience. For example flashcards of what to ask the voice assistant, support numbers, and tips for engaging your family and sharing with your doctor.

  • The best outcomes come from combining people and technology. So be sure to ask your friends and family how to check-in, share or help out.

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