Communication & Video Technology 

Being Closer


 What's Possible?

We long to be closer to those we love.


This is more front of mind than ever.  Whether it's being separated by a global health pandemic, loneliness becoming an epidemic of its own, or simply missing someone you just left. 


This collection helps to bring people together, in every way possible. Across generations, family, and friends. There are moments to be made, and magic to be found.  "Those were the days". So are these.

What can you do?

  • Call on voice or video

  • Drop-in on a camera and talk both ways

  • Check if someone's ok or who's at the door

  • Send services and see they got there ok

  • Detect movement

  • Join communities to message, call, chat, share

What kind of Products?

  • Smartphones, and tablets

  • Smartwatches

  • Home hubs like Amazon and Google

  • Indoor and outdoor Cameras with privacy options

  • Sensor detectors


Try a Search

eg. my father has seizures, reminders, heart, sleep, video call, parkinsons. 

Scroll through the products, click for more information. We've provided a 'Buy' link to the best options for your country.  If you'd like to chat or get help with your decisions, we'd be happy to help. Contact Us