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KISA Simple Mobile Phone (Australia)

KISA Simple Mobile Phone (Australia)

This product may help you stay independent, engaged, and connected to others which fosters wellbeing.


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KISA Simple Mobile Phone (Seniors, Children, Hearing, Vision)

Making a phone call is as simple as a single button press. There are no confusing menus, touch screens to swipe or numbers to remember.


Receive incoming calls with the clearly visible answer button in the top left-hand corner.  The KISA phone has a built-in loudspeaker for the hearing impaired or those who want to operate the phone without holding it to their face.


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    Assistance to call and connect to family. Suitable for home, care or hospital as it works on the mobile network.

    • The easy to use phone, comes pre-configured with up to 10 numbers
    • Call friends and family with a single button Perfect for anyone who struggles with technology
    • Excellent solution for young and elderly GPS tracking service Loud and clear No screen, digital menus or dialpad Large tactile buttons with clear text or photos
    • Dedicated SOS button (emergency services) Have your critical information at hand Works on any 2G/3G/4G network
    • Approved under NDIS

    There is also a dedicated headphone jack for those who prefer to use earphones.

    Price options for monthly fee phone rental and mobile call costs; phone available to buy upfront.

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