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My Medic Watch (Seizures)

My Medic Watch (Seizures)

My Medic Watch apps allow people who are vulnerable to falls, epilepsy, or people with a chronic illness to get immediate care and assistance when they fall or have a seizure so they can keep their autonomy.



Wellbeing solution apps that help coordinate immediate assistance from loved ones or caregivers when you experience a fall or a seizure. Continue to live your life the way you want, knowing that immediate security and protection are wrapped around your wrist.

Smart Detection
When a fall or a seizure occurs, My Medic Watch apps detect it using smartwatch sensors and a patented algorithm*.   Patents Granted No: 2019200869 & 2017338619 - PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) - International Patent Application No.: PCT/AU2017/000209, which claims priority from the Patent Australian application number: 2016904045 filed 5 Oct 2016.

Immediate Alert - The app then sends notifications and your GPS location to the nominated caregivers based on workflows of escalation.


Reassurance For Everyone - All caregivers are sent an update of the progress, keeping everyone informed and reassured.

Real-Time Data - Included in your subscription is access to real-time data of all your medical episodes. You can choose to give access to your doctors as well if you want so that they can review your medical conditions.


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