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Author Mark Twain once said, that the two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you figure out why.

Can I tell you a story?

On the night of my 21st birthday, in the midst of a party at home, someone came to find my twin sister and I.  Dad was about to make a speech, and he wanted to talk to us.

We walked into the study, he put his pen down and took his glasses off. "In life" he said, "you only get the choices you get, and you owe it to yourself to make the most of them. Some people are born, and they're not well, not loved and not going to be educated, and they have to work hard for those things. If you are born with those things, you have to work just as hard, to make the most of what you have, and make a difference."

Dad was an amazing man. Built his own business and employed people. A long and happy marriage, four kids, an International Rotary (Paul Harris) Fellow, an Order of Australia medal for service to others, taught us to surf and (he and mum), the values of family, People, and integrity. He was also a quadriplegic, the passenger in a car accident aged 25, before we were born.  He always said he was the luckiest person on earth. "If I hadn't had that accident, I never would have met your mother and had you". He had the craziest adventures. (My sisters and I will share them sometime)..

 helloEd is named after my dad, Ed. We don't have every choice, but we do have choices. I think that's true for all of us. 


Growing up I was always looking for new things that would help dad where he couldn't use his hands. Now, after working across the world in Australia, Asia, Stockholm, and Silicon Valley with new technology and some of the world's top brands, I'm doing two things [Dad..].  Working hard to make a difference, and hoping to give people choices.

Every day, we will go to the ends of the earth to find technology that (when combined with human touch and health advice) helps people get back to doing what they love, and inspires us with their courage and contribution. 

Thanks for being part of this Community. We're looking forward to hearing your stories too.


About Us


We believe it's time the world thought differently about what we're capable of at any age or health situation. Combining care, empathy, and the world's health-related technology, extraordinary things become possible. 

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