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APPs - My Therapy  - Medication & Symptoms Tracker

APPs - My Therapy - Medication & Symptoms Tracker

MyTherapy app is designed to help take medications at the right time and to track vital stats and symptoms.  This can be important for many conditions and circumstances, to stay well.  There are benefits to Medical Professionals, as adherence is significantly increased (eg trials, transplant patients etc)


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Reminders for intakes and refills and reports on meds taken, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and more, are available in the app and as PDF for discussion with your doctor or pharmacist. 


For Patients

  • Never forget again - Whether it’s medications, measurements or exercise, MyTherapy's reminders help you stay in control of your health. MyTherapy gives you peace of mind so you can focus on the other important things in life.
  • Lean on your family for more support and let your most trusted family members to be your safety net. If you forget to take your medication, your family can be the additional pill reminder needed to get back on track.
  • MyTherapy not only documents your health but also allows you to visualize patterns within it. You can have a general overview but also recognize which areas of your treatment have room for improvement.
  • Show your doctor how your health has progressed since the last appointment. Print out the MyTherapy health report and use it as a discussion point at your next appointment. Your doctor will not only gain a deeper overview of your progress but also be able to better cater to your needs.


For Health Professionals

  • Improving the patient-provider conversation whilst maximizing time
  • MyTherapy allows you to see a quick overview of your patient's adherence and progress. Available either as a paper-based health report or online with the MyTherapy Professional dashboard, you can address underlying issues and your patient's needs for the next appointment. No matter if you are a doctor, pharmacist, or nurse: MyTherapy supports you in supporting your patients in their treatment goals.
  • MyTherapy's printable health report gives you a quick overview of the medications, measurements, and symptoms recorded by your patients. You can quickly pinpoint any potential issues and utilize your available time for discussing solutions.

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