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Elly Health App for Chronic Disease

Elly Health App for Chronic Disease

Feel better, together.  Daily motivation and support for people living with a chronic condition from the world’s leading experts and contributors.

For patients living with a chronic disease, Elly is the world’s first empathetic audio companion. Elly helps motivate, educate, and support patients to live healthier lives through improved participation in their own health.


Each day, patients listen to a 90 second daily summary of audio content through a smartphone app.

Elly references a motivational story, she discusses a condition-specific topic, and leaves patients with an inspirational message. She also provides content around motivation, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, nutrition and self-care strategies.


The human voice is a critical part of developing human connection, and is essential for educating and supporting patients in an empathetic way. As Elly gets to know each patient, the content gets more personalized. This ensures she takes into account each patient’s preferences, as well as their limitations.

Elly is purely digital (no reliance on human intervention or connected devices), encompasses condition-specific content (unlike only meditation and sleep) and has a high level of QA processes.


For more information or to get it, visit the App Provider Website or App store


    • Description

      Success to Date

      Our Phase I clinical study in oncology showed that Elly achieved $9K per patient per year in predictive cost savings (by significantly improving the PAM score on avg. by 24 points per patient); user retention was 86% with user engagement of 2x per day per patient; Elly scored a 79 NPS and was shown to significantly improve all patients' quality of life by 10% (a result that no product / trial has ever achieved in such a short period).

      Elly has recently raised pre-seed funding from Google Assistant Investment program and Jumpstart Foundry who have joined other investors including StartUp Health and Nex Cubed.

      Nikhil Pooviah, MD, Co-founder

      • Previously co-founded the world’s #1 cancer app, CancerAid; Radiation Oncology Physician; Previous Shark Tank Winner.

      Simon Holland, Co-founder

      • Previously co-founded HotDoc, a patient engagement platform used by almost 5 million patients, and 40% of all family physicians in Australia.
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