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My Buddy Gard Adult Locators (Australia)

My Buddy Gard Adult Locators (Australia)

Designed to help you and your loved one feel safe, in control, and have peace of mind.


Just like a normal watch, and allows you to locate and communicate with those you want to protect and care for, at any time, instantly.


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    Wear it for confidence when you want to have some independence and move about, but both you and your loved ones know you may need help sometime.


    SOS – You or your loved one can call you the instant they get disoriented and lost “I just popped out to buy milk but I can’t seem to work out where I am” You can talk to them to them directly and either steer them home OR get them to stay still and you send help immediately.


    Set Boundary alerts – You can set multiple geo fences (safe zones and ‘No Go Zones’) and be alerted the instant one is breached. All the My Buddy Gard GPS tracker operate using 4G network ensuring the best coverage available! 3 months of stored location history – look back over to discover a pattern of behaviour.


    Track Map – more than 1 device can be seen on the same screen. No more swapping from one app to another.

    Adult trackers (elderly parent with dementia),

    Kids trackers

    • Set reminders – for your elderly loved one to take medicine, watch a TV program, or attend an appointment.
    • Water-resistant – Water resistant so no need to take medicine, watch a TV program or attend an appointment.
    • Large screen – and easy push buttons make it straightforward to operate. Extra features – of flashlight and camera just might come in handy!
    • Long life lithium battery – can last up 2 days on standby. Australian owned and operated
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    For more information, or Click to Buy

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