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What We Do

Bringing you new choices to be well, independent and look after those you love.

Every day, millions of people strive to be safe, well, and look after those they love.   

These days, we're living longer, with more health challenges, and growing pressure on the health system.  But the next chapters in this story bring a lot to be hopeful for. In addition to health professionals and researchers working tirelessly, there are extraordinary advances in digital health and telehealth, wearables, remote monitoring, safety at home, and assistive technology.   Billions are invested in health technology every year, but it's increasingly hard to know what's possible, to find across hundreds of providers and sources, to know if it's good, and to get outcomes.

helloEd is a marketplace that intelligently brings together the world's health, home, and assistive in one place, helping you understand it and get outcomes. The place where individuals come to get choices back, families come to find ways to help and be closer, and health and care providers stay across and combine their expertise with what's possible for people between visits.

Our vision is more than this, it's to change the way the world thinks about what's possible for everyone, regardless of age, health, or disability - when given the best care and access to the world's best health-related technology.

How We Do It


Focus on People

We're thinking of you, your families, and health professionals and giving you choices to make new and better outcomes possible.  Few people wake up with a health or life challenge and wish they had 'technology'.  But there is an important about part of being human, that technology can help with.

  • A concern when you go home from the hospital..

  • How your mind wanders to a loved one when they're not answering the phone..

  • Being told you have a chronic disease, and wanting to help yourself

  • From a child with a health condition or early-stage dementia, and not willing to accept limitations before they come

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Scan & Assess

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 We cover hundreds of sources and providers, brands you'd know, and new providers, and emerging ones.  We scan for product types, condition-related tech, awards, medical research and approvals, and provider releases to name a few. 

Then we assess the likelihood it's good, on 10+ factors.

Not all factors will rate highly, for us to list the product. For example, there's not medical approval for an  Amazon Echo Device, even though it can help with care, dropping in, medication reminders, and independent living via voice control.

Driven by a vision
Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 3.56.24 pm.png


eg. ecg, falls, alerts, ease of sharing, straps, accessibility

Research & Approvals

eg. FDA, TGA, Clinical Trials & Studies

Works with other products

Ability to work with other products and brands eg. iphone, android, smarthome


Indicates reputation, experience, support and warranty


Number, rating, comments

Discussions with Specialists

Taken directly to gain insight.


Type, reliability, standards, battery, reach

Endorsement & Awards

eg. Peak medical associations, professional bodies, awards

Discussions with Company

Taken directly to understand team and company eg. where new

Availability to Buy/Ease

No consulting fees, available to buy, where possible across geographies

Comparison to similar

Among the top products in their class.

Founders & Investors

Relevant, credibility and experience


Apply to Needs & Circumstance

We use a helloEd algorithm to match the technology products to

  • needs (eg. communications, reminders, help, health, independence)

  • conditions (eg. respiratory, heart, brain injury, dementia, autism spectrum)

  • places (home, out, carry or wear), and

  • people (babies, children, adults, seniors)  


eg. Cardiovascular may mean heart monitoring, alerts, and medication.  Dementia may mean communication, help or locating, health monitoring, and home safety.  Autism may have a higher likelihood of learning, organization, and seizures.


Mental health, loneliness, sleep, music, stress - well that relates to most of us.


Who We Exist For


Individuals & Families with health-related needs or goals

One place to go to be relieved, empowered and help. Quickly understand what's available to help you get choices back.  

Find out what's possible, and reputable. Discuss it with family and your doctor, set up up and get outcomes to be safe, independent, recover, stay well and check in on those you love.


Health & Care Providers

Quickly understand the world's health-related technologies and be the leader patients, clients, and their families look up to because you help them be safe, well and empowered via technology between visits.

You can't work harder, or care more deeply - so let's help you find new, approve, reliable ways to bring care, insight and relief.

Capturing the worlds tech

Our Commitment

Our Promise is, that we will always put our Community first.  See Privacy Statement.


Technology products should not be relied on as life-saving devices, nor should they take the place of care or medical advice. Always refer to and take the advice of your doctor or specialists, and read the product information and instructions from the provider carefully. None of the information outlined here is specific to your personal needs or capabilities.

Getting help

What can I do now?

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