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helloEd. A digital marketplace that captures the world's health and lifestyle technology, and grows with you to make new outcomes possible.
Driven by a vision

Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world experience health-related challenges; and many more, striving to be strong, fit, well, and to care for their families, patients, and loved ones.  Dementia. Living Alone. Seizures. Heart. Diabetes. Sleep. Stress.  We believe it's time the world thought differently about what we're capable of at any age or health situation. Combining care,  empathy, and the world's technology, extraordinary things become possible. 

Here's what we do, and how...
Heart & Hands
What can you do now?
The Problems we aim to solve

A place to go to..

My child has seizures. My husband wakes up tired. My mother has dementia. My brother just got out of hospital. I want to stay in my own home.  Where do you go to find out what's possible. So many words, places, retailers.  

Re-thinking what's possible and the use cases

Today, extraordinary possibilities exist to help us, but it's hard to find them. A watch that calls emergency services if you fall; a voice assistant capable of giving your memory back or medication reminders; a sensor that detects lack of movement or a door opening in the middle of the night. We bring together health and life technologies and re-think how they could be applied together to create an experience that makes a difference.   For example.

A focus on people and outcomes

We'll do our best to provide links and tips that help you get outcomes. Common reasons for unsatisfactory outcomes include not knowing how to set up or pair it, forgetting to charge or use it, not having the right mindset or expectations, or not interacting with others like family or sharing history with your doctor.  Chargers, stands and brackets, pre-setup audiobooks or routines, make all the difference.

Are we independent?

Our Promise is, that we will always put our Community first.  See Our Promise, and Our Privacy Statement.

We want the Community to be a place you always come back to, and that grows with you.  We'll never share your data. We don't display 3rd party advertising in our Community. We don't offer any products of our own. We'll continually update the products and content, manage the community and provide help.

The Products that appear on helloEd, are listed based on our independent selection process including reviews and research, and intelligent algorithm above.   At the time of listing products on helloEd, there's no incentive from them.  Following selection, if the provider has an Affiliate program, we may sign up and accept a referral fee from them, thereby not altering the price to the consumer, or being paid by the consumer. 


In this case, we will always offer you competing products types including where we do not receive any referral fee, a range of buying options for you to choose the best and most competitive price, and invite you to proceed to buy independently, wherever you choose.   We will indicate where we may receive a referral fee, by the link.  This will keep the helloEd service growing. Please also check your insurance and health providers for rebates or relief. 

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helloEd Team

We know it takes a team.  We're relying on technology providers, carers, insurers, service providers, retailers, and researchers, for what each does best.

If you would like to work more closely with helloEd and the Community - if you have an idea or know how to make life easier for our Community - let us know.   

Use the Contact Us page or email our team at contact@helloedlife.com.

Features on our roadmap
  • More specialist "collections" and community reviews

  • Beautifully packaged and delivered products and experiences set up to get outcomes

  • Finance/Rent bundles

  • Partnerships with health insurance rebates for members, whitelabel collections for Associations, and  ongoing support services to help you all the way.

  • Our plan is to employ those who use the service, or need to work flexibilly for reasons of health or caring, and on demand local neighbourhood support network, as

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