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Setting Up, Stories and Outcomes

Google Assistants and Speakers

  • Google Assistant - 101 Things to Ask Google See List

  • Every Google Assistant Command See List 

  • Handy Google Assistant Commands See List

  • Setting up Google Home Speakers and Displays  See What To Do

  • Setting up Google Speakers and Displays for voice & video calls See How-To

  • Google Nest Setting Up and Managing Routines See How-To

  • How to pair Google Nest Displays and Speakers to Telstra Number See how

  • Is your Google Home or Nest secure? Find and delete your private data See how


Alexa Voice Assistant & Speakers


Accessibility Settings and Voice Control 

Voice Assistants - for Seniors and Dementia

Links - Voice Assistants





Robotic Pets - Grow and Delight

  • Why Robotic Pets may be next big thing for Dementia See Article

  • Robotic Pets bringing comfort and wellbeing for Dementia patients See Article


Virtual Reality​ - Grow and Delight


  • Apples Top Picks for Accessibility and Autism Apps See Top Picks

  • Best Smartphone Apps for Seniors See List

  • 8 Apps for Alzheimers Patients and their families See List

Getting Around

  • Best Electric Trikes for Seniors - What to Look For See Article


​Smart Watches and How To..

Specialist Products


  • See also helloEd video page

  • Sensing abnormal heart rhythms with a smart speaker? Harvard June 2021 Read Article 

  • How using data from a wearable for Parkinson's changes treatment Read Article

  • Innovation in helping carers empathise - the Dementia Suit. Read Article 

  • Inspiring Story of Wendy Mitchell "Technology is my lifeline" See Story

  • Stories from People with Diabetes using FreeStyle Libre  - See Stories

  • Apple Watch Saves the Life of 67 year old man See Story

  • Experiences of Virtual Reality and Dementia Watch Video

  • The Near Future. A Better Place.  Watch Video of Possibilities 

  • The 10 important lifestyle factors that improve brain health (technology can assist with several) See list

  • Should Voice Assistants call for help if they think you're having a heart attack? Read Article

  • Parkinson's USA - Benefits of Wearables for Parkinson's Read Article

  • What are monitor vital signs?  About the measures and benefits. Read Article

  • Benefits of Music Therapy for People with Alzheimer's Read Article

  • First Aid for Alzheimer's Suffers - Read Advice

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