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ICE4Autism Mobile App

ICE4Autism Mobile App

This mobile app (iPhone) shares timely and critical information with medical responders that has benefits to treatment and wellbeing.


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Provides first responders and medical personnel with actionable information specifically relating to the needs of people with Autism.

Specially developed in collaboration with people on the spectrum for people on the spectrum, ICE4Autism stores and communicates YOUR unique sensitivities and special needs

The ICE4Autism mobile app conveniently and intuitively stores vital information about you and your unique needs, sensitivities, and behaviors directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Simply launch the ICE4Autism mobile app and first responders, ER doctors, nurses, and administrators have immediate access to the critical information needed to treat you properly while helping to reduce what is sure to be a heightened level of anxiety.



  • More information

    First responders, ER doctors, and nurses may lack a sufficient understanding of autism leading them to misinterpret autism-related responses. They may not know how to communicate with or otherwise help an autistic person* cope with painful or scary procedures.

    Information can be stored such as:

    • How you communicate - Your unique behaviors and triggers - including telling first responders and medical staff how best to respond to make YOU more comfortable
    • Important Treatment Information -- describe any issues, concerns, and sensitivities that could be vital including ways to reduce your anxiety


    • Alert My Emergency Contacts - ICE4Autism can send an emergency alert text message -- including your GPS location and a link to your location pinned on Google Maps -- to your designated emergency contacts. Parents, spouses, caregivers, and service providers can come to your side, advocate for you and help you through the ordeal.


    • Special Instructions - ICE Audio - ICE4Autism can speak for you or your loved one.  If you or your loved one is non-verbal or incapacitated due to injury, the simple press of a button plays YOUR pre-recorded message including the most important information about YOU, your sensitivities, unique behaviors and anything else YOU decide is vital to your care.


    • Health Conditions


    • Allergies/Sensitivities
    • Medications
    • My Doctors/Providers
    • Insurance

    Lock Option

    • ICE4Autism Lock Screen - When your device is locked, the ICE4Autism special Lock Screen option displays your most critical emergency information including:


    • Your photo
    • Name
    • Birthdate
    • Blood type
    • Emergency contact names and telephone numbers
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    For more information, or to buy, CLICK HERE

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