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Personal Alarm & Fall Detector (UK Only)

Personal Alarm & Fall Detector (UK Only)

This product can assist with safety, wellbeing and independence, including fall detection, location and calls, with benefits to you and your family or carers.


CLICK HERE TO BUY. (An alternate service and subscription provider is here)


  • A personal alarm with fall detection that works at home and out and about.
  • Combines the ease of use of an in-home personal alarm with the peace of mind of a fall detector and the freedom of a GPS tracker.
  • Press the pendant button to speak with Taking Care's Emergency Resolution Centre from any location using the pendant's in-built microphone and speaker.
  • The pendant will automatically call the Emergency Resolution Centre if it detects you have fallen at home, in the garden or when you are out and about.^^
  • The location-aware GPS pendant will tell the Emergency Resolution Centre where you are if you fall or press the pendant button.
  • They will quickly get help to you by calling family, friends or neighbours who you have nominated as your emergency contacts or the emergency services.
  • No telephone landline is needed


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