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SeizAlarm: Seizure Detection

SeizAlarm: Seizure Detection

This product can assist to detect, record and alert others to seizures, with benefits to you, your family, and medical professionals.




SeizAlarm is a user-friendly seizure detection app which allows those with epilepsy and other seizure disorders to alert emergency contacts automatically when seizure-like motion or a concerning heart rate is detected.


The product is available on Apple Watch and iPhones.



  • Description

    Seizure Help Request Service
    The SeizAlarm help request service subscription Includes many great features for seizure detection for one low price. We don’t have tiered plans where some plans do not include all the features. SeizAlarm includes them all in one subscription. What you get shouldn’t be confusing and we don’t feel you have to pay extra for certain features.

    Apple Watch running SeizAlarm
    Abnormal Motion Detection
    SeizAlarm monitors for erratic seizure-like motion using proprietary algorithms that have been tested in clinical settings. If abnormal motion is detected a help request will then be sent automatically.

    Manual Help Request
    If help is needed immediately you can request help manually using the “Help Now” button.

    Unlimited Emergency Contacts
    Unlike many others services, SeizAlarm does not limit the amount of caregivers you would like to be contacted when a help request is sent.

    Alerts via Phone/Text/Email
    You have the option to have your emergency contacts called, texted and emailed. You can choose any combination of those options for each contact. Maybe you only want one of your contacts to get text messages while another you want to receive calls and text messages. You can do that with SeizAlarm.

    International Support
    SeizAlarm can call and send text messages to phones in all countries except China.

    Sirens and Audio Messages
    During an event, you can optionally choose to have a siren sound played notifying others around you that an event has occurred. You can also have a custom message read out loud. For example, you could provide care instructions.

    Heart Rate Detection
    With SeizAlarm you can set custom high and low thresholds for heart rate. If the heart rate crosses one of those boundaries a help request is sent automatically.

    Time-Delayed Help Request
    Maybe you have auras prior to seizures, but not all auras result in a seizure. If this is the case, then you can use our time-delayed help request where you can request help but it doesn’t go out immediately. If the aura subsides you can cancel the help request before it goes out. If the aura does result in a seizure then the help request will be sent to your emergency contacts.

    Unlimited Help Requests
    You are not limited to a fixed amount of help requests per month.

    GPS Location in Help Requests
    When help requests are sent, your location is provided in the text messages and emails your caregivers receive.

    Event Log With Detailed Dashboard
    Every event is saved in a log. You have the option to choose which events you want to be classified as an actual seizure you want to record. You have the ability to add many details about the event which include trigger, mood, type, notes, and more. The log has a visual graph allowing you to see the quantity of seizures and help requests over time.

    Seizure Log Export
    You are able to export your seizure log as a PDF to provide to your physician.

    Uses App Store Subscription System
    To make subscribing easy and to make it easy to manage your subscription, we use Apple’s built in subscription system. Now you can manage your SeizAlarm subscription along with your other app subscriptions all in one place.

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