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Autism Apps

Autism Apps

This website has been developed by the Autism Association of Western Australia in response to the many parents, teachers, and individuals who have asked us how to effectively use technology to support a person with Autism.


Apps have been reviewed by specialists and rated on a range of measures. Categories can be searched according to age, capability, or rating, in categories such as Fine Motor Skills, Games/Motivators, Language, Literacy, Maths/Numeracy, Miscellaneous, Organisation and Independence, Social Skills, Speech and 'other'.


Personal tablet devices, such as iPads, provide a wonderful opportunity for people with Autism to develop skills in a fun and engaging way.


For more information, visit the website collection.

This website covers topics including:

  • How to use an iPad effectively.
  • How to support people with Autism using technology.
  • Tips for selecting a useful App.
  • Therapist reviews of Apps to assist you in choosing the best app for your goal.
  • With this information, we aim to empower you with the skills and knowledge to successfully choose the Apps that are most appropriate for a person with Autism.
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