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Kolibree  - ARA : 1st Toothbrush With Artificial Intelligence

Kolibree - ARA : 1st Toothbrush With Artificial Intelligence


This product can assist everyone to improve teeth health and brushing effectiveness, and may be especially helpful for children or those with health or attention challenges, due to the feedback and gamification.


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The Kolibree ARA uses smart connected technology to improve the activity of brushing our teeth, reducing the costly impact that poor dental hygiene has on our health.

Artificial Intelligence Technology
* Ara is the first toothbrush with artificial intelligence.
* Brushing habits (frequency, duration, brushed zones) are recorded inside the toothbrush.
* Brush your teeth normally (with or without app guidance) and Ara will tell you which area of your mouth you have missed.

Motivational Content Platform
* Learn correct brushing gestures with the coaching program in the Kolibree mobile app. The app is free and available for IOS or Android from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
* Interactive and fun games that motivate children to brush more often and more effectively.
* New games and motivational content continue to be developed.

Smarter Brush, Healthier Teeth
* Gentle vibrations and rounded bristles to protect gums.
* 3D motion sensors collect critical brushing data in real time on your smartphone or tablet.
* The lightest smart sonic toothbrush available today (2.5 Oz).

* FOR ADULTS - Learn correct brushing gestures with the virtual coach in the Kolibree mobile app and improve your brushing habits day after day.

* FOR CHILDREN - Multi-faceted software allows children to play games while learning good oral hygiene, and enables parents to monitor and improve their kids’ and their own tooth brushing habits.


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    (1) TurnToothbrushing Into a Fun & Educative Game!
    Remember when tooth brushing used to be a chore for children? It is now a fun and playful experience, thanks to Kolibree’s interactive educative games!

    (2) Go Pirate! Game
    Thanks to your Kolibree toothbrush which interacts with the game like a joystick, kids can now play a fun game while brushing their teeth. Better yet, the game is conceived to teach children to brush all areas of their mouth thoroughly, without neglecting any important surface of their teeth.

    (2) The Game:
    This extraordinary adventure takes little ones on a pirate treasure hunt, which guides them from island to island, in search of the Great Black Beard’s treasure, throughout 16 game levels. During their brushing, children collect gold coins, which allows them to acquire boats and to access different islands where new adventures awaits them. The game is designed to last for at least 3 months, with two brushings per day for two minutes minimum each.

    (3) Smart Brushing Guide:
    During the game, the Kolibree Smart Guide shows the areas to brush in real-time. When children brush properly and regularly, they earn more coins which allows to progress in the game. During the initial game levels the Smart Guide divides the mouth in 8 zones, while later in the game young players are introduced to 16 key areas.

    (4) How do you know you're brushing well?
    The coach + activity is designed for adults and allows real time data capture, interaction and qualitative analysis: teaching grown-ups how to improve their oral hygiene.

    (2) Receive instant feedback.
    The 3D jaw model highlights in yellow the zone that you need to be brushing in. - The ARA toothbrush will detect in real-time if you are brushing it

    (3) Adults aged 20 to 64 have ever had a cavity treated.* To avoid dental issues dentists recommend to brushing at least 2 minutes, twice a day.

    With a Kolibree toothbrush and the Coach Activity, users brush up to 2,8 times longer.**

    * Proprietary AI technology in the toothbrush
    * 3-D motion sensors, accelerometers, gyroscope and magnetometer
    * Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) for easy connection and synchronization
    * Gentle vibrations and rounded bristles to protect teeth and gums
    * Offline recording including date, time, duration and zones brushed
    * Only 2.5 ounces and a 2-week battery life for easy travel

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