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Goally Scheduler For Special Kids

Goally Scheduler For Special Kids

Goally is the only program for kids with attention issues or learning differences that puts you and your child in control. The program is distraction-free, engaging, and designed by leading behavioral therapists, child psychologists, and learning experts.


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    • AAC "Talker" App - easy peasy for both caregivers and communicators to use
    • Visual Schedules - Create visual schedules with pictures and video models in minutes
    • Distraction-Free Device - We took away the web browser, social media, app store
    • Token Boards - Create a token economy within Goally with just a few clicks
    • For Teens & Adults - Learn how to use Goally with teens and adults who benefit from the tools
    • Visual Timer - A quick and easy visual timer for school, therapy, or at home
    • Behavior Tracker - Tracking behavior easy to use for both professionals and parents?
    • Reports - We organize time, behavior, and reward data for your analysis
    • Team Chat - Coordinate the team using Goally. Add teacher, therapist, and grandma
    • BST - Transfer behavior skills training from clinician to family
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      Goally Device for Children Child-centric user interface designed to be fun. Points and rewards system that makes tasks easier, autonomous, and engaging.

      Standalone, expert-developed device with no distractions, just one focus: progress. Fully-customizable, connected to a parent app.

      Goally App for Parents Schedule routines and tasks. Get them done without nagging. Set points and give rewards for completing tasks to keep your child happy and motivated.

      Highly customizable to fit your unique child and schedule. Track and understand emotions and behaviors. Adjust points, rewards, and routines. iOS and Android apps as well as a desktop portal.

      Multi-parent and multi-child. Goally Support System Get relief and support when you need it from the Go ally parent community. Get unlimited access to Go-ally therapists and coaches to get the most out of Goally.

      Connect and share ideas with parents like you. Get unlimited help by phone or email from our parent success team, who use goalie with their own kids.

      Includes 1 goally device and lifetime access to unlimited coaching calls & unlimited ther

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