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APP: Tiimo Visual Daily Planner

APP: Tiimo Visual Daily Planner

Visual Daily Planner.  This app assists to visualize your day, improve your routine, and stress less.  


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Tiimo helps you manage your daily life and improve your wellbeing. Offering a customizable, playful and highly visual way of planning your daily life and achieving your goals.

What is Tiimo?
Tiimo is an app for smartphones and smartwatches that supports executive function challenges. Tiimo offers a basic free version of the app and a paid version with full access to all the Tiimo features. It is available on both Android and iOS devices..

How does Tiimo work?
You create a visual schedule using the app, and then Tiimo will remind you of your schedule during the day. The Tiimo app provides ongoing reminders of your schedule and nudges when activities are starting and ending.

What makes Tiimo special?
It is a visual planning app. You can add an icon and a checklist to each activity.
A visual timeline prevents you from spending too much time on one task.
Notifications let you know when it's time to change activity. You choose how often you get notified.

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