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Apps - Apple Top Picks for Autism

Apps - Apple Top Picks for Autism

This set of applications for Apple devices may assist with the speaking, organisation, calming, or enjoyment for people with a range on the Autism spectrum - with benefits to individuals, families, carers, health professionals, or educators.


In this collection, Apple & MacRumours, Highlight Useful Apps, Accessibility Tips, and More for Autism Acceptance Day.


Now more than ever, autistic people can share their voices with the world. With the help of amazing apps, they can learn, play, and communicate.


Through the power of books and podcasts, they can tell their stories. During Autism Acceptance Month, we celebrate how their unique experience enriches us all.


To see more information or buy any of the Apps below, visit CLICK HERE to visit Apple's Autism Acceptance App Store 



Proloquo2Go - AAC for those who can’t speak

Proloquo4Text - Text-based AAC

Keeble - Accessible keyboard

Speakprose - AAC Speech App w/ Eye Tracking

Assistive Express - Productivity

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy = For children aged 1-8


    Life skills

    Pictello - Talking visual story creator

    Choiceworks - Education

    Hopster Saturday Club for kids - Game to help identify emotions

    Time Timer - Visual time management

    Eye to Eye Empower - Empower Different Learners

    Visual Schedule Planner - Education

    Streaks - The habit-forming to-do list

    Puppet Pals 2 - Education


      Games, videos, and music

      Avokiddo Emotions - Play, Care & Feed your animals

      Sesame Street and Autism - Education

      Skoog - Music

      Hopster: Pre school Learning


      Kids TV. Stories. Games. Songs

      GarageBand - Make great music anywhere

      Bloom - Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers

      Endless Learning Academy - Early Learning for Kids 2-5

      Hopster Saturday Club for kids - Game to help identify emotions

      Procreate - Sketch, paint, create.

      Lake: Coloring Books - Relax & paint the stress away

      iOrnament: draw mandala & art the amazing pattern maker


        Great tools on Apple Watch

        Proloquo4Text - Text-based AAC

        GoTalk® WOW - Effortless AAC for your Watch

        Streaks - The habit-forming to-do list



        Meditation and Sleep Stories - Actions by Moleskine Studio


        Organize. Everything.

        Proloquo2Go - AAC for those who can’t speak

        Fabulous - Daily Self Care - Goal Planner & Tracker


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          Apple is offering a collection of apps that are designed to support neurodiversity and people with an autism spectrum disorder.

          These apps include Proloquo2Go for those who can't speak or need help being understood, Speech Blubs language therapy app, Streaks to-do app, Calm meditation app, and more.

          Apple has dozens of apps that can be accessed through the Autism Acceptance section of the App Store, organized into categories like Communication, Life Skills, Games and entertainment, and Apple Watch tools.

          To assist with remote learning, Apple Education is offering support resources for teachers and parents, including one-on-one virtual coaching sessions with Apple Professional Learning Specialists. There's also a collection of Learn and Study From Home apps that families can take advantage of, and Apple's website has a section on customizing the iPad to make learning more accessible.

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          In addition to these resources, throughout the month of April, Apple celebrated artistic talent from individuals on the spectrum, highlighting their art and sources of inspiration.

          Apple is collaborating with the Art of Autism nonprofit for a "Created on iPad" online exhibit that features 15 emerging artists who identify as autistic.

          Apple also plans to feature Kayla Cromer, who stars in Freeform comedy show "Everything's Gonna Be Okay." Cromer is one of the first people on the spectrum to play the role of a character on the spectrum in a major series, and she will share films that have inspired her passion for acting.

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          To see more information or buy any of the Apps below, visit CLICK HERE to visit Apple's Autism Acceptance App Store 

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