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BZT Wearable Tracking (Sold USA, tracks globally)

BZT Wearable Tracking (Sold USA, tracks globally)

This product tracks and alerts when the wearer has wandered away, with benefits to children, vulnerable people and families, teachers or carers.  (Note the main benefit is to be alerted at the time of moving away from the home, group or location - it's not traceable by GPS)




An innovative combination of Machine-Washable Smart Clothing with Bluetooth Tracking and Smartphone Technology, B’ZT to help reduce the risk of lost children and missing adults.  Can be used in a family or large group eg. school, shopping centre or outing.  

B’ZT® is dedicated to safety. The clothing looks like regular cotton t-shirts, however, they are embedded with our patented tracking technology which is concealed as patches, shirt pockets, or fabric layers. Tiny Bluetooth chipsets are machine-washable and work in conjunction with the free B’ZT® App which is available on iPhone & Android devices.

Embedded patches are sold separately and can be sewn or pinned onto coats, jackets, sweatshirts, pants, and backpacks.


Check if there is a distributor in your country. Works globally, sold in the USA.



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    You can track your children, students or care recipients through our B’ZT® App on your smartphone. The App comes in two versions: the B’ZT® Family App or the B’ZT® Group App which are available for download from the iPhone App stores. The B’ZT® Family App can track up to 6 children/care recipients and is free to download. The B’ZT® Group App can track up to 30 children/care recipients and costs only $0.99 cents to download.

    When your child, student or care recipient wanders beyond a pre-set range, the B’ZT® Family or B’ZT® Group App will send audio and vibrational alerts to your smartphone which should prompt you to immediately search for the wandering child, student, or care recipient.

    Our B’ZT® App issues alerts when a child, student, care recipient or elderly wearing our B’ZT® apparel wanders beyond a certain range (or beyond the geo-fence). B’zT offers 2 different apps: the B’ZT® Family App for parents has a 25 – 45FT range indoors and maximum 260FT outdoors, while our B’ZT® Group App for teachers, caregivers and health attendants has a 25-45FT range indoors, and maximum 390FT outdoors.

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