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Tracker Watch & GPS (UK)

Tracker Watch & GPS (UK)

The Tracker GPS Watch has a long battery life, 2- way SOS calling, and can be locked to the wrist with our specialist locking watch strap.




It's designed for ensuring the safety of...

• Dementia patients / Alzheimer's sufferers.
• Users who cannot or will not use a conventional phone.
• Those with medical conditions.
• Vulnerable individuals (e.g. those with learning difficulties).
• Lone workers or Carers

Accurately track them from anywhere on your smartphone, computer or tablet, no matter where they are.  The GPS Watch also has 'Emergency Tracking Mode', where its location can be updated twice as fast. Perfect for a wandering incident or urgent situation.

A watch designed specifically for dementia! This watch has a wide range of safety features and is simply the best tracking watch on the market.  Can be locked to their wrist, alerts when someone leaves home, 2-way communication.



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    • Key Features: Dementia Tracker GPS Watch
    • Average 7 Day Battery Life (Long-Lasting)
    • Includes Fall Detector / Alarm
    • Can Be Locked To Their Wrist (Optional)
    • Alerts As Soon As They’ve Left The House (Optional)
    • Looks & Feels Like A Regular Watch
    • Track Their Location in Real Time
    • View Map On Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
    • Mark Safe Zones, Know When They Leave or Enter
    • 2-Way Communication – Call Watch Anytime
    • SOS Button – Launches Call. Alerts If Nobody Answers.
    • Loud Speakerphone With Auto-Answer
    • Time Slot Alerts e.g. ‘Tell Me If They Leave Home 10PM – 6AM’
    • Fast-Charging (Empty to Full > 90 Mins)
    • No Contract, Just A Monthly Fee
    • Water-Resistant & Rugged Build
    • Works Across Europe (No Extra Cost)
    • Low Battery Alerts
    • Comfortable PU Leather Strap
    • Tamper-Proof Charging Dock – No Fiddly Cables
    • Designed Specifically For Dementia
    • Scandinavian Engineering & Design Excellence
    • Made in Finland, Not China
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