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The world's health-related technology - making new outcomes possible.

Technology that cares

Re-thinking what's possible for people of all ages and health conditions. 

Meet the world's largest collection of curated health-related products from over 100+ medical, health, and home technology providers.  Save time by quickly finding out what's possible, reliable, and how it may help.  With extraordinary advancements in technology, and millions of people with health, age, chronic disease, cognitive or mobility needs, and living alone - it's time to look in new places. Please, remember technology does not replace people or professional advice, and should not be considered lifesaving.

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eg. heart, EKG, sleep, blood oxygen, phones, mobility, Parkinson's, Dementia, movement detection

For individuals, Families, and Carers - quickly discover what's possible to stay healthy, be independent, or be closer to those you care about.  Family health, Heart, Sleep and seizures, through to Autism, Dementia, Brain Injury, Parkinson's or Loneliness. 
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Example Brands & Products

What can technology help with?

Help with Daily Needs

  • Communication, Routines & Reminders
  • Falls & Help
  • Monitoring & Managing Health including Trends, Sharing, Alerts & Notifications
  • Rehab & Recovery
  • Safe & Independent at Home
  • Mobility, Moving & Going Out
  • Engaged & Productive
  • Closer to loved ones

Types of Products

  • Wearables
  • Medical Devices
  • Sensors
  • Assistive Technology
  • Video calls, phones, tablets, speech generation
  • Voice assistants & hubs
  • Smart home
  • Personal alarms & fall detection
  • Mobility aids

Our Promise

We are experienced in technology, health, medicine, and psychology. Featured in 20+ international publications, referred to by hundreds of sites, and  awarded a Top 10 Digital Health company to watch.

Make it easy
  • One place to go, when you know there must be something more

  • Providing options not usually available together

  • Assessing what's good or reliable, vs what's unlikely to be

  • A focus on experience and outcomes

Respect Your Privacy

We protect your privacy and never share your data with anyone.

Independent & unbiased

We do our best to bring you the best options possible from major and niche brands - without a bias for any recommendations we make. We don't offer products of our own.

Positive & Progressive

. We'll never stop improving our features, tracking new possibilities, learning from you or striving to do more to make your life easier with technology.   Please get in touch,

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