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We're driven by a vision, to think differently about what's possible for hundreds of millions of people of all ages challenged by living alone, dementia, ageing,  heart, sleep, breathing, stress, movement and more. Extraordinary things become possible combining People and the world's best technology.  Watch Video (1 min), or Flip through a few ideas.

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Browse health, life and home technology products like phones, wearables, health monitoring, fall detection, smart home, and assistive from brands like Google, Amazon, Apple, Health, medical, and monitoring companies. It's like Amazon for Search, or Spotify for playlists. Making life easier for Babies, Children, Adults, Seniors, Families, and Health Professionals.

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Tell us a few things about yourself so we can match you with the most relevant product sets and ideas on how to use them.  We'll send you a free unbiased and plain-speaking set of experiences and technology options within 2 days. Think it over, or share ideas and options with your friends and family.

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Who Uses helloEd?
People with Health or lifestyle-related  challenges


Living Alone or
Being Proactive


& Carers


Peace of mind.


Less worried.

Health Professionals

More informed.


Quickly feel relieved, empowered and confident about what’s possible for you or someone you care about

Remain independent longer because you are safer, get reminders and help

Improve, monitor and prevent health conditions to stay well and let a Patient know their options between visits

Be active, engaged or delighted with experiences to grow that improves wellbeing

Check-in on those you love and share the ability to help across your family. 

Our Promise

We don't share your data

We protect your privacy and never share your data with anyone.

Independent & unbiased

We do our best to bring you the best options possible from major and niche brands - without a bias for any recommendations we make. We don't offer products of our own.

Make it easy

We like to keep things simple. We share why you might find something to be of value, and explain how it could be used with simple, easy-to-understand language.

Grows with you

Our recommendations are designed to grow with you and anticipate your changing needs. We'll never stop improving our features, tracking new possibilities, or striving to do more to make lives better.


“If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Thomas Edison

These technologies should not be considered life saving devices. Always consult

your doctor, health professional or allied health worker for advice and guidance.

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