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The Connected Photo Frame

The Connected Photo Frame

This product may bring joy and engagement to those who are away from loved ones and don't access social media, with benefits to wellbeing and reduced isolation.




Keep Loved Ones Connected.

Send them photos direct from your phone to their Connected Photo Frame.Send photos to your loved ones from anywhere in the world. Photos shouldn't be stuck on your phone.

These days, most photos are taken on our mobile phones and only shared on social media, but now there is a simple way to enjoy those precious memories without having to check Facebook or social media.

‘The Connected Photo Frame’ allows you to see all the latest family photos right where you want to see them, around your house. It connects to the internet (using WiFi), so your friends and family can send precious moments (photos & videos) directly from their mobile phone to your beautiful connected digital photo frame.

A personal message/caption (varies with model) can also be sent and is displayed with each photo. Photos automatically appear in a slide show or you can scroll through them at your own pace using the built-in touch screen. And at night, the photo frame will automatically switch off into sleep mode and turn itself on again in the morning.


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  • Description

    • Send photos direct from your mobile phone.
    • Photos appear automatically in a slideshow.
    • The entire family & friends can send photos.
    • Connect to as many phones as you wish.
    • Send personal messages with photos.
    • Supports 22 languages.
    • Touchscreen for ease of use.
    • Very easy to set up. Only takes a few minutes.
    • Connects to the internet using WiFi.
    • No social media, subscription or account required.
    • 16GB internal storage. Stores thousands of photos.
    • Numerous designs to choose from.
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