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AngelSense GPS Tracker - Adults & Seniors (US, UK & Canada)

AngelSense GPS Tracker - Adults & Seniors (US, UK & Canada)

This product can assist with keeping loved ones safe and located, with benefits to the elderly, early-onset, and families.




GPS Tracker for Elderly, Dementia, & Alzheimer’s.
Maximum Safety & Quality of Life for Seniors.

Peace of Mind, Knowing Your Loved One is Safe

  • Ensure your loved one’s safety and help them maintain independence longer with the most comprehensive, reliable, and accurate GPS tracker for seniors.


  • Wandering, getting lost, and confusion occur at all stages of dementia. 6 in 10 people with Alzheimer’s will wander, putting their lives at risk.

Proactively protecting your loved one by being able to quickly find them lowers your anxiety and gives peace of mind to all.


  • Reliable Safeguard GPS
  • 3G/4G LTE Nationwide Coverage
  • Non-Removable Wearing
  • Assistive Speakerphone
  • 30% Longer Battery Life
  • Intelligent iAlerts
  • Late Arrival & Departure Alerts
  • Emergency Search Tools
  • Safe Ride Monitoring
  • Location Activity Playback
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Step Counter (By Location)
  • School Approved
  • Preferred by Safety Programs
  • Designed for Special Needs
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  • Description

    • Live Safeguard GPS Tracking

      Continuously Monitors Location in Real Time – All Day

    • Auto Learns Routine

      Detects Variations & Potentially Dangerous Situations

    • Lifesaving Alerts

      Intelligent, Intuitive, & Instant Alerts for Wandering, Unexpected Places, & More

    • Assistive Speakerphone

      2-Way Voice with Auto Answer

    • Late Departure & Arrival Alerts

      Know if Your Loved One was Left Behind or Didn’t Arrive On Time

    • History Timeline (Unlimited)

      Details of Each Days’ Locations, Transits, & Activity

    • Step Counter

      Monitor Activity Level at Each Location & for Each Day

    • Indoor Search

      Locate Your Loved One Using WiFi Hotspots

    • Transit & School Bus Monitoring

      Unexpected Delay & Stop Alerts, Max Speed, ETA, & More

    • Geo-Fencing Safe Zones

      Unlimited Safe Places – Auto Detects Place & Optimal Boundaries

    • Location Playback Inside Safe Zones

      See Movement within Safe Places like School (Classroom to Playground to PT, etc)

    • Call Request / SOS Button

      Instantly Know if Your Angel Needs You – Non-Intrusive Design

    • Alarm

      Remote Activated Device Alarm

    • Unlimited Guardians

      Give Access & Set Permissions for Family, Teachers, Caregivers, etc

    • Emergency Search Tools

      Advanced Features to Help Find Your Loved One as Quickly as Possible

    • Fall Detection

      Instant Notifications When Your Loved One Falls Down

  • How To Use

    nstructions on how to use AngelSense:

    • Sign up for an AngelSense account. You can create an account on the AngelSense website or in the AngelSense app.
    • Purchase an AngelSense device. AngelSense devices are available for purchase on the AngelSense website.
    • Activate your AngelSense device. Once you have purchased an AngelSense device, you will need to activate it. To activate your device, follow the instructions in the AngelSense app.
    • Pair your AngelSense device with your phone. AngelSense devices can be paired with phones using Bluetooth. To pair your device, open the AngelSense app on your phone and follow the instructions on the screen.
    • Put the AngelSense device on your child. The AngelSense device can be worn on the child's wrist or ankle. The device should be snug but not too tight.
    • Start using AngelSense. Once your device is paired and activated, you can start using AngelSense. To use AngelSense, simply open the AngelSense app on your phone.

    Here are some tips for using AngelSense:

    • Keep the AngelSense device charged. The AngelSense device needs to be charged regularly. To charge the device, use the included charging cable.
    • Keep the AngelSense device in a safe place. The AngelSense device should not be left in a place where it can be lost or damaged.
    • Monitor your child's location. Use the AngelSense app to monitor your child's location. You can also set up alerts so that you are notified if your child leaves a designated area.
    • Communicate with your child. Use the AngelSense two-way speakerphone to communicate with your child. This can be helpful if your child is lost or in danger.

    AngelSense is a valuable tool for parents and caregivers of children with autism, special needs, or dementia.

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