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Lumin - Simplified Tablet

Lumin - Simplified Tablet

This product may help you stay independent, engaged and connected to others, with benefits to you, families, or carers.




Like a tablet.   Lumin is a large 17-inch freestanding simplified touch screen, delivered set up, and ready to go.


The Lumin tablet is designed to work in the home of a senior or someone with cognitive impairment. It is a large-screen tablet with simplified menus and apps that are easy to use. The tablet can be used to make calls, send messages, access the internet, and play games. It can also be used to connect with family and friends through video chat. The Lumin tablet can help seniors stay connected, entertained, and safe in their own homes.

Here are some of the features of the Lumin tablet that make it ideal for use in the home of a senior or someone with cognitive impairment:

  • Large screen: The Lumin tablet has a large, high-resolution screen that is easy to see and read.
  • Simple menus: The Lumin tablet has simple menus that are easy to navigate.
  • Pre-loaded apps: The Lumin tablet comes pre-loaded with a variety of apps that are designed for seniors and people with cognitive impairment. These apps include:
  • A calendar app
  • A weather app
  • A news app
  • A music app
  • A game app
  • Video chat: The Lumin tablet can be used to make video calls with family and friends. This can help seniors stay connected and feel less isolated.
  • Emergency button: The Lumin tablet has an emergency button that can be used to call for help. This can be a lifesaver in the event of a fall or other emergency.





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    No matter which Lumin touchscreen you pick for your loved one, Lumin works much better when family and friends are on board.

    That’s why we designed the Supporters app. To make it easy for family and friends to remotely add calendar entries like birthdays and other meaningful events, medication reminders and share family photos.


    • Get emergency alerts when your loved one is in distress and needs help.


    • Receive and respond to voice, text or photo messages from your loved one.

    Shared Calendar

    • Never let your loved one miss meaningful events like birthdays and other special celebrations.

    Photo Sharing

    • They’ll love staying in touch with family and friends – through photo sharing.

    Audio Calls

    • They can reach you with one touch phone calls — whenever they need to.

    Video Calls

    • Surprise and delight your loved ones by including them in moments that matter.

    Indicative ~Plans around $80 per month including calls, tablet rental and support ~$950 to buy outright and $40 monthly

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