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U-Step Walking Stabilizer

U-Step Walking Stabilizer

This product can assist with independence, maintaining activity, and reducing falls.


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The U-Step Walking Stabilizer was specifically designed to increase independence and eliminate falling among those with neurological conditions. The leading-edge features of the U-Step, as compared to other walking aids, make it superior by providing more stability, maneuverability and control.


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    The U-Step Walker has a patented U-shaped base that is ultra-stable and surrounds you to prevent you from falling.

    The majority of the weight of the U-Step is in the base, which provides you with a low centre of gravity for greater stability.

    With turning wheels placed toward the middle of the base, as opposed to the rear as in other rolling walkers, the U-Step 2 turns around in 29 inches, as compared to 50 inches for most other advanced walkers.

    This will allow you to turn in tight indoor areas, such as washrooms, kitchens, and hallways.

    Although the U-Step is very stable, we offer weights as an accessory to increase the stability of the walker. These weights easily secure to the base of the U-Step 2 with Velcro straps

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