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SOLAX MALETA : Lightweight, folding electric mobility scooter

SOLAX MALETA : Lightweight, folding electric mobility scooter

This product can assist with mobility and independence, and contribute to general wellbeing, with benefits to you and your family and community by having you with them.


The Maleta is the latest addition to the Solax family of electric mobility scooters and is the lightest without compromising performance.

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In order to minimise the weight, the armrests have been removed and the seat and folding style have been amended from earlier models., while still maintaining automatic fold and manual override features.

It has also been upgraded with a digital dash, which displays all important information, giving the user more control and assurance.

Excellent for any kind of travel, be it by train, car or plane.


  • Description

    If you are searching for an advanced and lightweight travel scooter that will accompany you on all of your daily errands and journeys look no further than the Solax Maleta. This state-of-the-art mobility scooter is the most recent, most compact AND most lightweight addition to the Solax Family.

    Weighing only a bare minimum of 21.5kg the Solax Maleta will modernize your way of travel with new cutting-edge features. Unlike the other scooters in the Solax range the Maleta is equipped with a digital display which allows you to monitor every trip you make. On the display you will be able to see your travel speed, battery usage, time and distance traveled.

    If you have been searching for a travel-scooter but the thought of manual folding and multiple parts to carry has seemed a bit daunting look no further. The Maleta does not only fold flatter than any other scooter but the folding process is also fully automatic! In order to fold the Maleta into a compact, slim package, ready for storage or transport you simply have to push the button on your remote and stand back as your scooter folds itself.

    Keeping the safety of your surroundings in mind this gopher has an inbuilt security function that will halt the folding process halfway. This gives you a chance to check your surroundings and determine if folding is safe where you are and also to make sure there are no items obstructing the folding mechanism. After safety has been ensured you can continue the automatic folding with another press of the button and watch your scooter fold itself into an upright position, ready for handling. The completion of the process will be indicated to you by three short beeps.

    To ensure you are never left stranded with an unfolded scooter the Maleta has an additional two folding options just in case the remote gets lost or runs out of battery. Firstly the scooter has two buttons on the dash which allow you to activate the automatic folding in the same manner as you would with your remote. And secondly, keeping in mind the possibility of a flat battery, there is the option of a manual override fold. To do this you simply need to lift up the indicated handle in the base of the scooter.

    Whilst a minimalistic design has been implemented to keep the Solax Maleta light and compact, Solax still placed a focus on your safety and comfort. Additional foot-room has been created through a flat design at the scooters front and the soft rubber seat has a narrow but high backrest for additional support. Furthermore the backrest features an innovative spring system that allows it to adjust to your back and give way as you lean into the seat.

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