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PocketFinder 4G/WiFi GPS Tracker

PocketFinder 4G/WiFi GPS Tracker

This product may help you stay independent and safe for longer, with benefits to you, your family, or your carers.  Works globally.


PocketFinder 4G/WiFi GPS Tracker.  This product may be suitable for tracking items, children, elderly or pets. Note the Mobile network coverage is more powerful than Bluetooth only devices (which will only be locatable when there is a mobile device within range eg. 150m.


Protect your loved ones with the New stylish 4G watch. Set safety regions on your app to enable Geo-Fence alerts, access up to 90 days of historical footprints, easy access emergency SOS button.

Other features include fall detection, and a watch with video and messaging is available with 7 day battery, from the same provider.


For more information, or to buy, CLICK TO BUY

  • More information

    This is a smart and compact tracking device that can simply be placed in a person's pocket.

    • It uses either WiFi or 4G network for GPS tracking.
    • Effective real-time GPS and AGPS tracking with a history of 60 days
    • SMS push notification
    • One-click SOS feature
    • Military grade security
    • Extremely user-friendly
    • Water-resistant
    • Emergency SOS
    • For emergency situations activate the on-board SOS button to receive instant alerts through your connected App.
    • Geo-Fence / Safety Regions
    • Receive alerts whenever SEEK PRO GPS in proximity of your custom safe or danger zones.
    • Instant Notifications / Alerts
    • In app push notifications, Email and SMS.
    • Low battery, fall / collision,
    • Geo-fence, SOS *Extra cost to enable SMS alerts.
    • Two Way Audio Communication
    • Speak direct over your tracker just like a mobile phone. *Extra cost to enable
    • Water Resistant
    • IP65 Standard
    • Ultra Long Battery Life
    • With up to 28 days standby time, the information you need is always reliably available.


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    For more information, or to buy, CLICK TO BUY


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